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If you are an international applicant, the application process is different to the process below.

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How to apply

Create your Application Services account at any time. You need to do this before you can apply.

Create your Application Services account.

How to apply interstate

 You can apply for most interstate courses through state-based tertiary admissions centres:

Application processes and fees vary, so visit the relevant state’s tertiary admissions centre or institution website for more information.


For many courses, you don't need to provide documentation of your qualifications.

If you do need to provide documentation, we will let you know after you apply.

Follow the documentation process correctly to ensure a smooth application process. 

OP/selection ranks

You can apply without knowing your OP or selection rank, but getting an estimate beforehand can help you decide what courses to apply for.

2019 Queensland Year 12 students

Talk to your school guidance counsellor for an estimate of the OP range you may achieve, or an estimate of your OP ineligible rank if you are OP ineligible.

2019 interstate Year 12 students

Talk to your school guidance counsellor for an estimate of your ATAR.

Everyone else

Call us on 1300 467 822 for information on selection ranks.

Courses, admission criteria and minimum selection thresholds

Use Course Search to find out what courses you can study, as well as their admission criteria and minimum selection thresholds.

Make sure you also visit institution open days and career expos for more course advice.

Application dates

We're open all year round, so you can apply throughout the year for courses that start in three different semesters.

Our key dates & fees page tells you when you need to apply to courses, give us documentation, and when you could receive an offer. 


You must order your preferences correctly so you don't miss out on an offer unnecessarily.

Find instructions on the preferences page.

Educational Access Scheme (EAS)

The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) can help you if you have experienced circumstances that negatively affected your most recent studies.

If you are eligible for EAS, you may get bonus OPs or ranks to help you to get into a course, and/or financial assistance from institutions.

Checking/changing an application

Log in to Application Services to check or change your application. Here, you can:

  • track your application's progress
  • change your details
  • change your preferences
  • view and respond to offers.

Offer responses

If you receive an offer, you'll have a set time to respond to it.

Study costs

You can find estimated course fees in Course Search. You'll be told full course costs and other costs by your institution once you've been accepted into a course.

Course costs can be expensive, but financial assistance is available if you need it.

Assistance schemes, admission pathways and bridging and enabling courses

If you don't meet the entry requirements or anticipated OP/selection rank required, there are plenty of ways you can improve your chances of being accepted into a course.

These include:

Rights and responsibilities

Before you apply to study, you must know the rights and responsibilities you have as an applicant.


Page last updated: 01 Aug 2019