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QTAC For Schools Portal – ATAR and QTAC Application Reporting


In preparation for the new admissions year, all specific data relating to 2020 Year 12s has been removed.

The general 2020 Year 12 Insights and Year 12 Sector Insights dashboards will continue to be available until mid July.

With the introduction of ATAR, our old Corporate Website has been turned off.  As a result you must sign up to the “QTAC for Schools” portal to receive data around your student cohort. 
You will still maintain access to your QTAC application and offer reports.  Our new portal also enables you to receive ATAR information for those students who have consented to sharing their ATAR with their school.

This portal provides a one stop shop for all of your data and QTAC resources.

*Tip – if you have previously had a “My Path” login, you have access to the “QTAC for Schools” portal and can use these details.

For those that don’t have access to the “QTAC for Schools” portal already, you will need to email the following details:

  • Name
  • School
  • Position
  • Email address

Our information Services team will create your account and send out a the link.

2021 School Presentations

To our school communities

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic QTAC has always prioritised the safety of our staff and our customers.

We continue to closely follow restrictions around indoor events and monitor the constant changes incurred with the unpredictable nature of the pandemic.  Considering this, the QTAC Executive has decided that all external facing school engagements including School Presentations and Workshops will be conducted online via Zoom for the duration of 2021.

Setting this as our position now ensures the safety of our staff, students and the wider QTAC community and will guarantee us the ability to deliver these services without interruption or displacement to your scheduled event.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you online very soon.

For general enquiries you can contact

2021 PD Workshops for Educational Professionals

This year we have two workshops available. 

QTAC 101 is designed specifically for those that are new to the sector. 

QTAC Insights will feature presentations from QTAC specialists and provide a greater in-depth overview of QTAC and tertiary admissions processes.

Here are the 2021 PD offerings.

Year 12 Guide

Due to circumstances beyond our control, there has been a delay to the Year 12 Guide going into production.  Hard copies will now be distributed to Queensland high schools in week one of Term 3.  We apologise for this inconvenience.  We will post the eBook here as soon as it is ready.

Year 10 Guide

The “Year 10 Guide to Career Pathways and Tertiary Prerequisites” for 2021 Year 10 students is now available as an eBook. 

Orders for hard copies have now closed.

For those that ordered prior to June 8, these guides will be distributed over the next two weeks.

For those that ordered after June 8, these orders will be delivered in week one of Term 3.

Access the 2024 Year 10 guide and previous editions below:

QTAC ATAR Report 2020 Released

Wednesday 3 March 2021

This report provides an overview of the calculation of the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for the 2020 Queensland Year 12 student cohort.

The report includes a summary of subject enrolments, the outcomes of the inter-subject scaling process and the allocation of students to ATAR bands.

When reading this report and interpreting the data, it is imperative to observe the following:
  • Inter-subject scaling is the process undertaken to map each QCAA subject and completed VET qualification to a common scale. This allows raw results in different subjects to be compared fairly.
  • Subject Scaling is a comparative measure based on actual subject achievement data and is expected to be different from one year to the next based on the capability of the student cohort for each year. QCAA subject results are the true achievement levels.
  • The performance of students in each subject, each year determine the scaling of a subject. Students should not select subjects based on predicted scaling outcomes but should choose subjects they enjoy, are good at and which meet any prerequisites for courses they want to apply for.
  • QTAC does not endorse any ATAR calculators to help identify whether a student is on track to receive a particular ATAR. Calculating the ATAR is a data-driven process and schools need to be wary of calculators, as those calculators will not have access to the actual data which is used to calculate final ATARs. Although trends will form, schools, students and parents are advised not to use historical scaling data to predict future outcomes.

For an end to end breakdown of the ATAR calculation process, we invite you to read the “Calculating the ATAR in Queensland” guide published in July 2020 which was peer reviewed by statistician members of the ATAR Technical Committee, a sub group of ACTAC (Australasian Conference of Tertiary Admission Centres.)

If you have any questions about this report, please email

Download 2021 School Presentations by clicking on the image below

Open days and expos

Visit the Open days & expos page for information.

View the OP, ATAR and QTAC selection rank conversion tables.

Contact us

Guidance officer hotline: (07) 3858 1299

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