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Assessment of qualifications

You can have your qualifications formally assessed to find out what rank they will be given.

An Assessment of Qualifications can assist if:

  • you are planning future study at a non-QTAC partner institution
  • you are applying to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

Phone us on 1300 467 822 before requesting an Assessment of Qualifications. We may be able to help with information about ranks for common qualifications over the phone.

An Assessment of Qualifications does not:

  • help if you have already lodged a QTAC application. An assessment will be done as part of your application
  • tell you if you meet minimum course entry requirements
  • tell you if your qualifications will be accepted by the institution you want to study at
  • certify your overseas qualifications as comparable to Australian qualifications.

Documentation guidelines

To be assessed, your qualifications must be documented. The general guidelines are:

  • submit copies of your original documents
  • make sure your copy is clear, easy to read and no parts have been cut off
  • submit any foreign language documents in the original language and a full official English translation. NOTE: do not submit extract translations as they are not accepted.

Required documentation

The documentation you need to provide depends on your qualifications

How to use this service

Download and complete an Assessment of Qualifications form.

Submit via the Assessment of Qualifications webform.

Cost of service


How long does it take?

You will usually receive the statement in 10-15 business days.

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