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Educational Access Scheme (EAS)

The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) can help you if you have experienced circumstances that negatively affected your most recent studies.

If you are assessed as eligible for an adjustment to your ATAR or QTAC selection rank under EAS, this will be combined with other adjustments for which you are eligible. Please check with the institution you are applying to for the maximum adjustments allowable.

If you are eligible for the Financial Hardship category, you may also get financial assistance from institutions, such as scholarships or bursaries.

Who can apply?

You can apply for EAS if you are applying for tertiary study through QTAC.

You don’t have to be in Year 12 or currently studying to apply for EAS, but most EAS categories relate to circumstances that affect your most recent studies. The Financial Hardship category relates to your current and recent financial circumstances.

EAS will not be able to compensate you for things such as:

  • not completing secondary school
  • changing school subjects by choice, resulting in you not meeting entry requirements
  • missed time from school for activities that are a personal choice (for example, sport, musical or cultural activities).

How to apply

You can apply for EAS when you lodge your QTAC application.

To apply for EAS after lodging your QTAC application, select an EAS category below to download the cover sheet and submit this to us with the required documentation. If you are not sure if EAS could help you, call us on 1300 467 822 so we can assist.

Cover sheets

You must submit a completed cover sheet together with relevant supporting documents for each EAS category you apply for.

Year 12 students applying for the Educational Disruption, Personal Illness or Disability, or English Language Difficulty categories must have their school fill out a section of the cover sheet. A school statement is also recommended for Home Environment and Responsibilities if the school is aware of the home situation.

You can download EAS cover sheets below:

Financial Hardship cover sheet (PDF 301.9KB)
Home Environment and Responsibilities cover sheet (PDF 214KB)
English Language Difficulty cover sheet (PDF 222.6KB)
Personal Illness or Disability cover sheet (PDF 423.1KB)
Educational Disruption cover sheet (PDF 237KB)

Supporting documentation

EAS is an evidence based scheme. Documents must be provided as evidence of the disadvantage you have experienced.

Refer to the personal circumstances under the Financial Hardship category for specific financial documents for your personal situation.

You will receive an email invitation to complete an EAS cover sheet and submit supporting documents.

Examples of supporting documents required for each EAS category are outlined on the relevant cover sheet.

If you cannot provide the documentation, you must submit a statement explaining why you cannot provide it. You should also include any alternative documents that may support your case.

How to submit documentation

Upload your documents to your application by logging in to Application Services and going to Outstanding Documents. 

If the category you need to provide isn’t listed in Outstanding Documents, you can post your documents to:

PO Box 1331
MILTON, QLD 4064 Australia

*Please note there may be slight delays with mail delivery and processing times as the QTAC office is temporarily closed and mail is being redirected to an off-site location.

When to submit EAS documentation

Refer to Key Dates and Fees for documentation due dates for scheduled offer rounds. It is suggested that you submit your documentation as soon as possible.

EAS categories

You can apply for as many EAS categories as you like. Select a category for more information.

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