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How we notify you of your offer

We notify you of your offer by email, and may also notify you by SMS.

You only get one offer each offer date. This is for your highest eligible preference (ie the highest preference for which you have met the admission criteria and selection rank requirement, if applicable).

Find out about how entry requirements determine who gets an offer.

Responding to offers

Respond to your offer by the date and time specified on your offer letter so that it does not expire.

To respond to your offer:

  • Log in to Application Services.
  • Select your response option (ie Accept, Reject, Defer – if deferment is an available choice) button.
  • Select the offer response again, and confirm your choose.

Response options

You have three response options:

  • Outright
  • Conditional, with no change of preference
  • Conditional, with change of preference

For each of the response options you can accept, reject or defer your offer (if deferment is available for your choosen course).

Please note: You lose your right to an offer when you: 

  • receive a new offer for the same semester start
  • reject an offer
  • allow an offer to expire.

Find out if your expired offer can be reactivated.

I no longer wish to study

  • By rejecting your offer outright, you notify QTAC that you no longer wish to study or be considered for any other preferences.

I’m happy and ready to enrol

  • Check with the institution for enrolment details and dates.

I’m happy and not ready to enrol yet

  • Rules for course deferral vary by institution. Please visit our deferment page on our website for institution policies.

I’d like to be considered for my higher preferences

  • By selecting a conditional response, you indicate that you would like to be considered for a higher preference.

Understanding your QTAC application 

If your application is in process of asessment

If you find your application status marked as ‘Pending,’ we encourage clicking the ‘Details’ button next to your preferences to see a list of all entry requirements. Clicking this button, you will see either: ‘Processing of this information has not commenced,’ ‘Not yet determined,’ or ‘Decision Pending,’ which means your application may still be undergoing assessment or you have outstanding documents, check your ‘Alerts’ tab. If you’re unsure which documents, or you’ve already submitted the required documents, you can call us on 1300 467 822 or contact us here. 

If you HAVE met all of the entry requirements

If you have met all of the entry requirements, you will see ‘Satisfied’ next to your preference. Clicking the ‘Details’ button you should see ‘Yes’ in each row. However, meeting these minimum entry requirements doesn’t mean you are guaranteed an offer, you will be considered for an offer based on merit in subsequent offer rounds, dependant on course vacancy. Useful pages to check:  

  1. The selection rank profile: Once on the page, select minimum selection thresholds. The minimum selection threshold is the minimum adjusted score (rank) that was required for an offer of a place.  
  1. Key Dates: Check you have applied by the due date 8 December 2023. If you have applied after this date, you could be considered in subsequent offer rounds through January and February, but there are no guarantees on the assessment of your application, it will depend on course vacancy. Here you will find a list for upcoming offer rounds, but be sure to check Course offers & vacancies too for the most up-to-date info for specific institutions.  
  1. Course offers & vacancies: This is the most up-to-date page for subsequent offers coming up. It will detail institutions opting into further offers, dependant on course vacancy. If a course is closed, full, or no longer offering, you will see this information published here. 

If you HAVE NOT meet all of the entry requirements

If you have not met all of the entry requirements, you will see ‘Not Satisfied’ next to your preference. Clicking the ‘Details’ button you should see ‘No’ next to the entry requirement you have not met, and will not be considered for an offer. Useful pages to check:  

  1. Offers: Scroll down on this page and visit ‘If you didn’t get an offer’ for the most common reasons you can look out for.  
  1. Upgrading pathways: If you didn’t meet one or more of the entry requirements, here are some options of alternative pathways you can consider. 


If you did not get an offer

If you did not get an offer, it could be because:

  • you did not meet the entry requirements
  • you needed to compete for a place and your selection rank did not meet the cut-off
  • you did not pay your application fee
  • you ordered your preferences incorrectly
  • you applied after the due date, or too close to an offer round, and we could not assess your application in time.

If you are unsure why you did not get an offer,  please contact us.

What next?

If you did not get an offer because you did not meet the entry requirements, there are other options to consider:

Got an offer, enrolled, but found the course is not for you

Change courses within the same institution

If you want to change to a different course within the same institution, check with your institution whether you can transfer internally.

If not, you will need to change your preferences by logging in to Application Services.

Move to another institution

To apply for a course at a different institution, you will need to change your preferences by logging in to Application Services.

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