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Selection Criteria

Scholarship applications are assessed on the following selection criteria:

Criterion 1: Financial need (maximum of 50 points)

You must provide evidence to demonstrate your financial need.

You are considered to be experiencing financial need if you satisfy any one of the following four conditions listed in the table below. The documents which can be used as evidence of financial need are listed for each category. 

Applications without the required evidence are not considered.

If your application is successful, you must continue to demonstrate financial need, by satisfying one of the conditions below, for the duration of your scholarship program.

Criterion 2: Capability (maximum of 40 points)

You must provide a written statement (maximum 300 words) that describes an achievement that you are proud of. This can include:

  • a past educational achievement, and/or
  • a work achievement, and/or
  • other achievement that helps to demonstrate your ability to undertake your Eligible Course of Study.

Please note that educational and/or work achievements need not specifically relate to the Eligible Course of Study.

Other considerations (maximum of three points per category)

Additional points can be given from one or more categories below. You can receive an a maximum of three points for each category.

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