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Rights & responsibilities

Applicants have the right to

  • Have their application assessed by QTAC fairly and consistently throughout all phases of the application, selection and offer process.
  • Use the QTAC online services to submit an application, change preferences, respond to offers, print an offer letter, check if satisfying entry requirements and track assessment progress.
  • Change, re-order, add or delete preferences within the defined period.
  • Request information via email, phone or front counter services, at any time during the application process, if appropriate identification is provided as the applicant or the authorised individual.
  • Receive notification from QTAC if the application was successful, provided their contact details are supplied correctly.
  • Seek access to personal information collected by QTAC, subject to relevant legislation such as privacy.
  • ATAR applicants have the right to have their ATAR calculated in accordance with the approved rules, policies, procedures and practices as contained in the document, “Calculating the ATAR in Queensland Technical Document” available on the QTAC website.

Applicants have a responsibility to

  • Use the QTAC website to ensure familiarity with course and application requirements before submitting an application.
  • Follow all instructions before submitting an application and during the steps for completion of the application, selection and offer process.
  • Check regularly for correspondence sent from QTAC.
  • Provide information and documentary evidence, as prescribed, to support the application. Applications may not be processed without this information.
  • Be honest and supply accurate, timely and full information as part of the application process. QTAC may cancel an application (and fees paid will be forfeited), and institutions may withdraw any place offered and cancel an enrolment before or during a course, if information provided is incorrect, incomplete and/or misleading.
  • Acknowledge they may be excluded from applying to QTAC for a period of up to two years if the supporting documentation for an application has been falsified, altered or is not genuine.
  • Accept the consequences (ie forfeit any right to equal consideration) if, by any action, failure or omission on their part, QTAC is prevented from processing and assessing their application before the scheduled offer rounds. This includes not meeting the relevant deadlines and/or not paying the appropriate fees.
  • Supply QTAC with current and personal contact details (including address, email and telephone numbers).
  • Notify QTAC of incorrect or out-of-date information in an application.
  • Respond to any offer made, by the due date, or accept the consequences of not responding (ie losing the place offered and possibly not being considered in any future offer rounds).
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