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Year 10 Students

Career pathways

Many career paths are available to you after you finish high school, and some can even give you a head-start on your career while you’re still at school. 

The right pathway for you depends on your interests, career aspirations and personal learning style. 

Below are some of the options on offer.


Guide for 2021 Year 10 Students

The QTAC My Path guide for year 10 students includes all listed university prerequisites and assumed knowledge needed to meet entry requirements for courses in 2024.

Choosing the Right Senior Subjects for You

It’s best not to choose subjects based on predicted scaling outcomes. 

  • Choose subjects you are good at.
  • Choose subjects that you enjoy/are interested in.
  • Choose subjects that are prerequisites for the tertiary courses you want to apply for.

Here are two examples that highlight why you should choose subjects that feel RIGHT for you:

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