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Admission Criteria

When we assess your application, we use eligibility and merit to decide if you can get into a course. 


Institution admission criteria apply to every applicant for every course offered. The criteria can be different for each institution. Common admission criteria include:

Some courses have additional admission criteria such as a personal statements, questionnaires, portfolios, auditions, interviews or tests, which are considered instead of, or together with, your academic qualifications.

Each institution sets its own admission criteria and most offer additional pathway options to applicants who don’t meet these general requirements. Visit the individual institution pages for details.

How you compete for a place

We put all applicants competing in the offer round in an ‘order of merit’, where the applicant with the best ATAR/selection rank is first and the applicant with the next best ATAR/selection rank is second etc.

We make offers by going down the order of merit until all places in the course are filled.

Where we stop is called the minimum selection threshold (ie the lowest ATAR/selection rank offered).

The minimum selection threshold:

  • is not set beforehand
  • can be used as a guide (only) as to what future cut-offs may be.
  • do not usually change much from year to year, but do change on occasion.
  • can change across semesters and between offer rounds for the same semester
  • reflect supply and demand for a course (ie the number of places in the course, the number of applicants for the course and the quality of those applicants). This is not an indicator of the quality of the course.

To check previous years’ selection rank threshold information, search for the course entry on our website.


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