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Scholarship Recipients

Acceptance of scholarship offer

Successful applicants of either the RRES Program and Creative Arts Scholarship are required to enter into a legally binding Scholarship Agreement with QTAC.

If there are unreasonable delays in finalising a Scholarship Agreement, the Scholarship offer may be withdrawn and the Scholarship may be awarded to a different applicant.

Scholarship recipients must provide evidence of enrolment in their Eligible Course of Study, and up to date evidence of financial need, before the first scholarship payment will be paid.

Applicants who applied under Financial Need Category 2 (expecting to receive an eligible Centrelink benefit on commencing their Eligible Course of Study) must provide evidence of applying for an eligible Centrelink benefit in order to accept their offer. No Scholarship payments will be made until the Scholarship Recipient provides evidence of receiving an eligible Centrelink benefit.

Scholarship recipients should not make financial commitments in reliance on being awarded a Scholarship Agreement until a Scholarship Agreement has been executed by QTAC.

The Scholarship Agreement

Standard terms and conditions for the Scholarship Agreement apply and cannot be changed. A schedule may be used to outline the specific requirements of Scholarship Recipients, such as completion of an Eligible Course of Study and a requirement to participate in reporting and evaluation processes.

Scholarship Recipients must continue to demonstrate financial need, by satisfying one of the Financial Need categories for the duration of their scholarship program.

The Scholarship Agreement states the maximum Scholarship amount to be paid and the timeframe over which it will be paid, reflecting the value of study assistance corresponding to the course length and mode of study. The Scholarship Agreement also specifies whether internship payments will apply.

If a successful applicant fails to meet the obligations of the Scholarship Agreement, QTAC may terminate the Scholarship Agreement. The Scholarship Recipient will have to return any unspent Scholarship funds.


Scholarship recipients are required to provide the following each semester: 

  • evidence of the Scholarship Recipient’s continued enrolment in their Eligible Course of Study
  • units completed to date, including academic achievement (for example, number of units passed)
  • evidence of continued financial need

If a Scholarship Recipient ceases undertaking their Eligible Course of Study, they must notify the Scholarship Support Organisation immediately.

If a Scholarship Recipient ceases receiving, or receives a different Centrelink benefit, they must notify QTAC immediately.

Adequate progress

Scholarship recipients must make adequate progress in their Eligible Course of Study.

Adequate progress in a Scholarship Recipient’s Eligible Course of Study is defined as passing 50 per cent or more of units of study attempted.

QTAC may take remedial action in instances of underperformance, including mediation with the Scholarship Recipient which may include the Eligible Provider or Internship Host Organisation.

Remedial action is considered on a case by case basis and takes into consideration the Scholarship Recipient’s:

  • study record to date in their Scholarship Program
  • individual circumstances at the time
  • actions to remedy their performance.


Before an Internship can be recognised as part of the Scholarship Recipient’s program, and the $500 payment made, the Scholarship Recipient is required to provide additional information to QTAC.

For students undertaking work integrated learning, this includes information such as the course outline and evidence that the student is enrolled in the corresponding unit.

For students organising their own internship, this includes confirmation from the Internship Host Organisation of the supervisor details, internship learning goals, commencement and end dates, and workplace induction for the Internship placement.

Variations to the Scholarship Agreement

Changes to the Scholarship Agreement can only be made with the approval of QTAC and are only permitted if all eligibility criteria remain satisfied.

How the Scholarship funding is paid

Scholarship funding is paid to scholarship recipients by QTAC.

Study assistance payment

Once a Scholarship Agreement has been executed, QTAC will make the first study assistance payment no less than four weeks after the Scholarship Recipient commences study.

Subsequent study assistance payments will be made in equal instalments for the duration of the Scholarship, no less than four weeks after the commencement of each semester and upon receipt of the successful recipient’s evidence of continued enrolment for the upcoming semester, results from the previous semester and evidence of continued financial need. 

Internship payment

Scholarship Recipients receive a one-off payment of $500 once the required information has been received, to allow for recognition of the internship as part of the Scholarship Program.

Where the internship is not a pre-existing arrangement through the Scholarship Recipient’s Eligible Course of Study, the Internship Host Organisation also receives a one-off payment of $500 once the recipient starts the internship.

Receipt of other support

Scholarship Recipients are permitted to receive support or financial assistance from other sources while participating in the Program, provided they continue to fulfil the program’s ongoing financial need requirement. This may include, but is not limited to, income from employers, assistance from other Government programs and scholarships from education and training providers.

The exception to this is that Scholarship Recipients of the Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships or the Creative Arts Scholarship cannot also be in receipt of scholarship funds from the Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia.

Scholarship payments and taxation

Scholarship recipients should note that:

  • Study assistance provided to full-time students is exempt from income tax as per Section 51.10, 2.1A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth).
  • Study assistance provided to part-time students is considered assessable income and is not income tax exempt.
  • Any payment made to the Scholarship Recipient by the Internship Host Organisation is considered assessable income and is not income tax exempt.

Scholarship payments and social security payments

Merit or equity-based scholarships awarded to enable a student to study at an educational institution are treated as exempt income for social security purposes as per Section 8(8) (zjd) of the Social Security Act 1991 (Cth), to the extent that the payment does not exceed the person’s threshold amount for that year. The value of this threshold amount is $7904 in 2017, and is indexed each year.

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