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2022 ATAR Release

ATARs for 2022 Year 12 students will be released between 8am – 9am on Friday 16 December 2022

Fixed Closing Dates

A number of courses have early or fixed closing dates to apply and/or submit documentation for.  Visit fixed closing dates to see if any of your courses are on the list.

Offer Rounds

QTAC Applications are now open for the new admissions period, and the application process is all done online.

The due date to apply and submit documentation in time for when most offers are released on 12 January 2023 is Friday 9 December 2022.

You cannot change your preferences after the final date for the respective offer round.

Participation in early offer rounds is at the discretion of each institution.

For the most up to date information on upcoming offer rounds, please refer to the Course Offer Dates & Vacancy Information page.

2022/2023 Offer Round Dates

Offer RoundDue Date to Apply
& Submit Docs*
Due Date Change of PreferenceOffers ReleasedResponse Date 4pm
Thu 25 Aug

Thu 18 Aug

^Thu 25 Aug – 8.30amMon 29 Aug
Thu 6 OctThu 30 Sep^Thur 6 Oct – 8.30amMon 10 Oct
Fri 18 NovFri 11 Nov Fri 18 Nov – 8.30amFri 25 Nov
Thu 22 DecThurs 8 DecMon 19 Dec 12pmThu 22 Dec – 10amThu 29 Dec
Thu 12 JanFri 9 DecWed 4 Jan 11.59pmThu 12 Jan – 8.30amMon 16 Jan
Fri 20 JanFri 9 Dec^Fri 20 Jan – 8.30amTues 24 Jan
Fri 27 JanThu 19 Jan^Fri 27 Jan – 8.30amTues 31 Jan
Tue 31 JanMon 23 Jan^Tue 31 Jan – 2pmSat 4 Feb
Thu 2 FebThu 26 Jan^Thu 2 Feb – 2pmMon 6 Feb
Tue 7 FebTue 31 Jan^Tue 7 Feb – 2pmSat 11 Feb
Thu 9 FebThu 2 Feb^Thu 9 Feb – 2pmMon 13 Feb
Tue 14 FebTue 7 Feb^Tue 14 Feb – 2pmSat 18 Feb
Thu 16 FebThu 9 Feb^Thu 16 Feb – 2pmMon 20 Feb
Fri 17 MarFri 10 Mar^Fri 17 Mar – 8.30amTues 21 Mar
Mon 27 MarMon 20 Mar Mon 27 Mar – 8.30amFri 31 March
Thu 27 AprThurs 20 Apr^Thu 27 Apr – 8.30amMon 1 May
Thu 18 MayThu 11 May^Thu 18 May – 8.30amMon 22 May
Thu 8 JunThu 25 MayFri 2 Jun 11.59pmThu 8 Jun – 8.30amMon 12 Jun
Thu 15 JunThu 8 June^Thu 15 Jun – 8.30amMon 19 Jun
Tue 20 JunTue 13 Jun^Tue 20 Jun – 8.30amSat 24 Jun
Thu 22 JunThu 15 Jun^Thu 22 Jun – 2pmMon 26 Jun
Tue 27 JunThu 20 Jun^Tue 27 Jun – 2pmSat 1 Jul
Thu 29 JunThu 22 Jun^Thu 29 Jun – 2pmMon 3 Jul

* Due Date to Apply and Submit documents for courses that have this date listed as an offer round in Course Search.

^ Finalise your preference list as soon as possible to be considered in this offer round.

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ATAR Report Webinar Booking Form

This free Webinar (via Zoom) will provide an overview of the 2021 ATAR Report and scaling to assist school leaders, guidance officers and teachers in understanding the ATAR Report and to be able to answer questions from students, staff and parents.

Booking Date
Contact Information
Additonal Questions
Webinar 4:
Thursday 24 March
4:00 to 5:00pm
*if you want to book for more than one date or for more than one person, please submit separate forms

Contact Information

Please note that registration information and contact details will only be used to manage attendance at the webinar and will not be shared.

Additonal Questions?

If you have any questions about the ATAR and the 2021 ATAR report you would like our experts to answer, please enter them below. You can also email questions to the organisers after registering if you wish to.


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