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International Baccalaureate (IB) studies

How to apply

If you’re an IB student, you can lodge a QTAC application via Application Services.

IB documentation

We can obtain your IB results from the IBIS (International Baccalaureate Information System). Make sure your school IB Coordinator gives the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) your authority to release your results to us.

If we can’t obtain your results from the IBO, you will need to provide a copy of your official IB results transcript to us.

Note: Do not submit downloaded results as we can’t assess these.

How are IB Diploma students considered for entry to tertiary courses in Australia?

Results from the IB Diploma, which are reported on a whole number scale between 24 and 45, are converted into an ATAR-like value to allow IB students to be considered for tertiary places alongside their counterparts who have completed state curricula.

This ATAR-like value is known as the Combined Rank because it is a national conversion which combines results from across all states.

This means that IB students can apply in any Australian state or territory with confidence about how their results compare to their peers who have completed state curricula and received an ATAR.

Your QTAC Rank

The process for calculating a QTAC tertiary entrance rank for merit purposes for 2021 Admissions Year is that we convert the IB score in the completed diploma to a QTAC selection rank according to the ‘combined rank’ rules agreed Australia wide.

To find out how the combined rank process works, click here.


Subject prerequisites

Your IB subjects will meet subject prerequisites if these:

  • are comparable to the relevant QCAA subject
  • are studied at Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL)
  • you achieve a minimum grade of 3 in the relevant HL subject or 4 in the relevant SL subject; refer below.

Click below for a presentation on how to apply to QTAC in 2020


Improving university entry for IB students

For 2022 admissions, an improved conversion schedule for IB scores will be introduced. The International Baccalaureate will provide QTAC with access to percentage marks for each subject, offering more conversion points and more detailed information about IB Diploma students on the same overall score.

The change will provide more gradations for IB students on the same score and a more accurate mapping of their score to a QTAC rank.

Read the documents below for more information:

International Baccalaureate fact sheet (PDF 629.1KB)
Determining ranks for 2021 IB students (PDF 120.7KB)
Sample schedule for IB students (PDF 207.4KB)

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