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2023 Queensland
Year 12 Students

The ATAR release date for 2023 is Friday 15 December.

Have the following personal details ready to set up your ATAR account:

Please Note:
If you are planning to apply to tertiary study in 2023, you will also need to complete a QTAC Application.

ATAR account holders from previous years should still be able to log into the ATAR Portal.

Queensland ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank)

ATAR is the primary mechanism used nationally for tertiary admissions and indicates a student’s position relative to other students.  It is the standard measure of a student’s overall academic achievement in relation to other students where those students have studied different subject combinations.

ATARS are expressed as a number on a 2000-point scale from 99.95 down to 0.00 in steps of 0.05.  So the highest ATAR is 99.95, then 99.90, then 99.85, and so on, down to 0.00.  ATARS below 30 are reported as ‘30.00 or less’.

In 2020 the first Queensland Year 12 students graduated under the new QCAA QCE system and were issued with a Queensland ATAR (calculated by QTAC). Students completing Year 12 and their QCE from 2020 onwards can access their ATAR by creating an account in the ATAR Portal. Until 2019, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) calculated ATARs for Queensland OP-eligible students to allow Queensland students to be considered for courses offered interstate (see OP to ATAR).


Only Queensland students who were awarded an ATAR in the new QCE system from 2020 onwards need to create an ATAR account to access their ATARs.

You cannot get a record of your ATAR from this system if you completed Year 12 under the old QCE (OP) system and should not create an account. Contact the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) for records of past QCE or ATAR results.

  • Online: You can view your ATAR by logging in to your ATAR Portal account.
  • Email: ATAR results will not be sent directly to your email address. However, you can opt in to receive a single notification via email when the results are released and can then log in to the ATAR Portal to view your ATAR.
  • Print: Log in to the ATAR Portal to view your ATAR and to download and print a copy of your ATAR certificate.
  • Receiving the ATAR by text message is not an option.
  • ATAR notices will not be posted by mail to all students.

YES. All Queensland students who are applying interstate need to sign up to the ATAR portal and by doing so, will provide the necessary consent for us to share your ATAR with interstate Tertiary Admissions Centres. You can log in to your ATAR account to access your ATAR and to download a copy of your ATAR results to share with overseas and other non-QTAC institutions.

Please contact QTAC for assistance. Call the ATAR hotline on 1300 193 173 or email

Yes. If your QCAA QCE results make you eligible for an ATAR, then an ATAR will automatically be calculated.

Your ATAR result will, however, not be accessible through the ATAR Portal unless an ATAR account is set up.

Why am I ATAR ineligible?

There can be many reasons why a student’s ATAR result might be recorded as ‘ATAR ineligible’. If you are concerned, try the following checks:

1. Check your results in your QCAA Learning account:

Make sure all your QCE results and any VET qualifications are recorded correctly. Your QCAA results are used by QTAC to calculate your ATAR.

2. Did you meet the ATAR English eligibility requirement?

You need a minimum of a C grade for an English subject, any one of: English, English as an Additional Language, English and Literature Extension, Literature, or Essential English.

3. Have you completed one of the following eligible combinations of subjects?

    • Five General Subjects (at Units 3 and 4), or
    • Four General Subjects (at Units 3 and 4), plus one Applied subject
    • Four General Subjects (at Units 3 and 4), plus one completed VET qualification at Certificate lll level or above.

4. See ATAR eligibility requirements.

If I am ATAR Ineligible at the end of Year 12, what do I need to do to get an ATAR?

If you are ‘ATAR ineligible’ this means you have not yet qualified for an ATAR. You can continue to study and accumulate QCE subjects and VET qualifications until you have enough to be eligible for your first ATAR to be calculated in a later year. 

How can I improve my ATAR?

If you have already qualified for a Queensland ATAR and want to improve your ATAR, you will need to meet the eligibility requirements for getting a NEW ATAR.

These requirements are:

  • Complete the minimum number of additional new subjects to qualify for a new ATAR.
  • The minimum number is 3 General subjects or 2 General + 1 VET or 1 Applied.
  • Make sure your additional subjects help you meet the ATAR eligibility requirements

For more information download the Factsheet ‘Qualifying for a new ATAR.

Call the QTAC ATAR hotline 1300 193 173 for further assistance.

When you register, you will be asked to give consent to share your final ATAR, or ATAR eligibility, with your school. This consent is optional, although during Year 12 this information can be useful to enable the school to support its students.

You can change the consent to share your ATAR by logging in to the ATAR Portal and changing the consent selection.

Schools will only get access to the individual ATARs of their former Year 12 students where consent has been granted by those students when registering in the ATAR Portal.

No, it is the responsibility of the student to register by creating their own QTAC ATAR account in the ATAR Portal. Schools can assist students through the process by making sure students have the correct login details and making them aware they should use a personal email, and not their school email address.

Your QCE results are issued by the QCAA (not QTAC). Your QCE Statement (results) and certificate are issued electronically via your QCAA learning account. Log in to your Learning Account via the QCAA Student Portal in MyQCE to access your results.

If you already have an ATAR account from 2022 you do not need to register again.

If you finished Year 12 in 2022 and are completing more Year 12 subjects in 2023 (to qualify for a new ATAR), you can log into your existing account to access your ATAR result when ATARs are released in December 2023.

If you are in Year 12 and created an account in Year 11 or early in Year 12, the details in your ATAR account will only match the QCAA details after ATAR registrations open for Year 12s in August each year i.e. after QTAC updates the ATAR Portal with the most recent QCAA data.

Troubleshooting: Access to the ATAR Portal

Possible reason: The correct Registration code has not been entered. Click on the link to return to login page. Check your email for the Registration code and enter the code. Complete registration details.

Possible reason: Incorrect email address entered. Return to the Sign-Up page and re-enter your email address and password to generate a new code.

You can reset your password by using the “Forgot Password” function on the login page of the ATAR Portal. You will need your current ATAR Portal login email address to verify the new password.

Call the QTAC ATAR hotline 1300 193 173 who can assist you in resetting your password.

Do not create a second account if you make a mistake entering your email address or cannot access your account. 

How do I change my school email address in the ATAR Portal?

  • If you can remember your Portal password, you can still log in to your ATAR account using your school email address, or whatever email you used to sign up.
  • Use the Edit Student Details function to change your school email address to a personal email. A confirmation code will be sent to your nominated email address.
  • If you can no longer access the email address (e.g. school email) linked to the account you will not be able to reset your password in the portal yourself.

Call the QTAC ATAR hotline 1300 193 173 for assistance with your email address. You will need to provide some personal identification over the phone: your name, date of birth, LUI number and email address.

If you can log in to your ATAR account, use the Edit Student Details function to change your personal details, including updating your email address.

Call the QTAC ATAR hotline 1300 193 173 for further assistance.

ATAR account and QCAA details do not match.
Check the details in your QCAA learning account to make sure that the personal details you have entered: ie. First name, Last name (not nickname), LUI, Date of birth, match the QCAA details.

The name registered as your First Name in the ATAR Portal should be the same as shown under your QCAA Given Names.  If more than one Given Names are displayed, include all of them as your ATAR Portal name.

Use the Edit Your Details function to update your details in the ATAR Portal. This function will only appear if the QCAA data and the ATAR Portal details do not match and need to be changed.
Contact the ATAR Hotline for assistance 1300 193 173.

Some common errors made when entering names in the ATAR Portal include:

  • Simple spelling mistakes.
  • Entry of nicknames instead of the full QCAA enrolment name.
  • Use of anglicised international names instead of the original QCAA enrolment name.
  • Family name changes since first enrolled at school.


ATAR First Name does not match the QCAA Given Names field.

  • Check that the First name you have registered in the ATAR Portal is exactly the same as your Given Names as it appears in your QCAA One School account.
  • Note, the ATAR Portal First Name can actually be more than one name i.e. first Name/s if it is to match the QCAA Given Names.

E.g If your QCAA Given Names appears as “Abbie Louise” SMITH, then record your ATAR First Name as “Abbie Louise”. Even if your real first name is just Abbie, and Louise is usually listed as your middle name/other name.

Have you tried to fill in your ATAR account personal details and received the error message that there is already an account with that LUI?

Check your LUI is correct. If you already have an ATAR account then your LUI will be in the QTAC system already and you cannot create a second account with the same LUI.

What do I do if I have two LUIs?

Contact the QCAA who should be able to confirm which LUI is the correct one to use.

What do I do if I my LUI changes after I have created an ATAR account?

If you get a new LUI from QCAA, or had dual LUIs when you have already created an ATAR account, you will need to contact us at QTAC to request the deletion of the ATAR account attached to the old LUI. Then you need to create a new ATAR account with your new LUI. All your QCAA details and subject results will be matched to that LUI.

Note, you cannot use the same email address for two different ATAR accounts and you will need to have the old ATAR account deleted.

Contact the ATAR hotline on 1300 193 173, or  if you need further assistance with account access or checking LUI’s and other personal details.

COVID-19 and your ATAR

If your study has been negatively affected due to COVID-19, you may be able to apply for QTAC’s Education Access Scheme (EAS).

EAS provides rank adjustments for educational disadvantage through a range of categories. No COVID-19 specific categories will be created. 

Find out more about EAS by clicking here.

For more information about tertiary admissions, the ATAR and COVID-19 please download the factsheet.

ATAR Guides and Technical Documents

ATAR Services

ATAR Appeal Process

QTAC offers an ATAR appeal process which gives ATAR recipients the opportunity to request a review of their final ATAR result decision. An ATAR Appeal is made by lodging a formal application online. For more information, go to the ATAR Appeals page.

ATAR Verification Service

Order your printed ATAR Certificate or request a verified electronic copy of your ATAR results to be transferred to nominated institutions, employers or other entities. Find out more about the ATAR Verification service here.

Need more information?

For more details about changes to subjects and curriculum, visit the QCAA website.

For specific questions about the ATAR, email

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