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How to apply

To apply, you must first create a QTAC account.

We provide persons with a disability help with lodging their application.  Please click here for more information.

A key part of preparing for tertiary study is your Unique Student Identifier (USI). A USI is required for all students enrolling for study in 2024 and beyond. This includes both vocational education and training (VET) and university.

Students will need a USI if they are:

  • studying a nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) course,
  • seeking a VET student loan,
  • a higher education student seeking a HELP loan or Commonwealth Supported Place,
  • a higher education student graduating in 2023 or beyond.

Click here to create a USI.

Use Course Search to find out what courses you can study, as well as their admission criteria and minimum selection thresholds.

Make sure you also visit institutions’ open days and career expos for more course advice.

If you need to provide documentation, we will let you know. To ensure a smooth application process, make sure you follow the documentation process correctly.

You can apply without knowing your ATAR or selection rank. However, it is recommended that you register in the ATAR Portal to receive your ATAR.

2023 Year 12 students

ATAR’s will be released on December 15 2023.  If you are not going to receive an ATAR, please talk to your school guidance counsellor about your application or call us on 1300 467 822.

Students applying interstate or overseas

All Queensland students who are applying interstate need to sign up to the ATAR portal and provide consent for us to share your ATAR with interstate Tertiary Admission Centres.  You can also download a copy of your ATAR to share with overseas and other non-QTAC institutions.

Everyone else

Call us on 1300 467 822 for information on selection ranks.

Minimum Selection Threshold

The minimum selection threshold required for admission is based on the previous year’s Semester 1 intake period. It varies from year to year. Find out more click here

Non-AQF performing arts qualifications, such as AMEB awards, are not included in the ATAR calculation. However, some institutions may consider these qualifications on their own (including for non-school leavers) as a basis of admission to tertiary study.

Policy Institution
Institution specific schedulesAustralian Catholic University
 Christian Heritage College
 CQUniversity Australia
 Federation University
 Griffith College
 Griffith University
 James Cook University
 Queensland University of Technology
 TAFE Queensland
 The University of Queensland (for non-current school leavers)
 Torrens University
 University of the Sunshine Coast
 University of Southern Queensland
Institutions yet to advise policies

Southern Cross University

University of New England

Institutions that will not accept performing arts qualifications as a basis of admission for any category of applicantBond University

You can apply throughout the year and for courses that start in three different semesters.

Visit key dates & fees for application and documentation due dates, offer dates and more.

You must order your preferences correctly so you don’t miss out on an offer unnecessarily.

Visit the preferences page for instructions, and use the preferences plan on the same page.

The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) can help you if you have experienced circumstances that negatively affected your most recent studies.

If you are eligible for EAS, you may get adjustments to  your selection rank to help you to get into a course, and/or financial assistance from institutions.

If you don’t meet the entry requirements or anticipated cut-off, then there are plenty of ways you can improve your chances of being accepted into a course.

These include:

Log in to Application Services to check or change your application. Here, you can:

  • track your application’s progress
  • change your details
  • change your preferences
  • view and respond to offers.

If you receive an offer, you’ll have a set time to respond to it.  Our key dates and fees page tells you the offer round dates throughout the year. Course Search tells you the offer round dates for your course. If any early offers are going to be made, the dates will display in your application. View the Responding to Offers video for more information.

Before you can be considered for a place in a Nursing or Midwifery course, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) requires that all applicants demonstrate their English language proficiency.  For more details click here.

For entry to initial teacher education (ITE) courses, you will need to meet both the academic and non-academic entry requirements. For more information click here

You can find estimated course fees in Course Search. You’ll be told full course costs and other costs by your institution once you’ve been accepted into a course.

Course costs can be expensive, but don’t worry, financial assistance is available if you need it.

Before you apply to study or for your ATAR, you must know the rights and responsibilities you have as an applicant.

You can have your qualifications formally assessed to find out what rank they will be given.

An Assessment of Qualifications can assist if:

  • you are planning future study at a non-QTAC partner institution
  • you are applying to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

Click here more information

All Queensland Year 12 students who are applying interstate need to sign up to the ATAR portal and provide consent for us to share your ATAR with interstate Tertiary Admission Centres.  You can also download a copy of your ATAR to share with overseas and other non-QTAC institutions.

You can apply for most interstate courses through state-based tertiary admissions centres:

Application processes and fees vary, so visit the relevant state’s tertiary admissions centre or institution website for more information.

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