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STAT and employment pathways

In some cases, you can use to show STAT and employment pathways to demonstrate you are ready to start tertiary study and improve your chances of getting into a course. 

There are two options:

When to use STAT and employment pathways

If you did not complete Year 12, or do not have any formal academic qualifications, STAT and employment pathways might be a good option for you.

You might not need to use these pathways if you have:

  • completed Year 12 or its equivalent
  • undertaken Senior External Examination subjects
  • studied at university, TAFE, or a registered training organisation
  • completed an approved bridging or enabling course
  • completed a professional registration
  • served in the police or defence forces.

If you are not sure if your qualifications are enough to get into the course you are interested in, contact us before applying.

Each institution has their own policy for whether they will accept STAT and employment pathways for their courses. Using STAT and employment is generally not acceptable for Year 12s. Check the table below for institution policies on the use of STAT and employment pathways. As this table might change you should also check with the relevant institution admissions office about using these pathways before you submit your QTAC application.


If you use STAT and employment pathways, you still need to meet subject prerequisites and any other entry requirements for each course. If you are not sure if you meet the prerequisites, check with the relevant institution before submitting a QTAC application.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

You can sit the Special Tertiary Admissions Test to demonstrate if you are capable of undertaking tertiary study, and help institutions make selection decisions. 

Usually you can use a STAT result on its own, or combine it with other qualifications, but this depends on each institution’s policies on STAT.

You might also be able to use STAT to meet some entry requirements like subject prerequisites or English language proficiency.

Employment experience

Find out more about using your employment experience on your QTAC application. Your employment does not need to relate to the course you want to study.

Institution policies

Important notes about this table:

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