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Student Administration
Griffith University
NATHAN QLD 4111 Australia

About Griffith University

Griffith University was established over 40 years ago, enrolling its first students in 1975. Since that time, the University has grown steadily in size and breadth of academic offerings and is now a leading university in Asia–Pacific, ranking in the top three per cent of universities worldwide, featuring prominently in national teaching awards, and offering a comprehensive range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees

Between 1989 and 1991, Griffith University amalgamated with the Mt Gravatt campus of the Brisbane College of Advanced Education and the Gold Coast College of Advanced Education, the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and the Queensland College of Art.

Today, Griffith University is a multi-campus learning and research centred public university. Student enrolments have grown to 50,000 in 2017, making Griffith Australia’s 9th largest University in terms of student numbers, operating across five campuses in the Brisbane-Gold Coast corridor of South-East Queensland.

Griffith’s research strengths range from the creative arts, social sciences, and humanities to science, engineering and health; in particular water science, criminology, health and chronic diseases, drug discovery, quantum physics, climate change adaptation, music, sustainable tourism and political science.

Griffith is a member of the Innovative Research Universities IRU(A).

Griffith is listed as an Australian University on the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency’s National Register of Higher Education Providers.

General admission

To be eligible for admission to Griffith University, you need to satisfy any entry requirements for a program of study. In Queensland the entry score for a program is expressed as an Overall Position (OP) or selection rank. There can be additional or alternative entry requirements for programs, including:

  • English language proficiency – meeting a minimum standard of English language competency
  • Minimum age – domestic applicants under the age of 16 and international applicants under the age of 17 are normally not accepted.
  • Subject prerequisites – completion of compulsory subject matter
  • Special selection criteria – performance in an audition, submission of a portfolio, level of attainment in a specialised test

Griffith University programs, entry requirements and other information relevant to admission can be found at the Griffith Degree and Career Finder.

The Griffith University Undergraduate Programs Admission Policy is also available.

Credit for prior learning

Griffith provides credit if you can demonstrate that you have already achieved the learning required for components of a program of study. Griffith may grant credit for:

  • Formal study that takes place through a structured program of learning and leading to the full or partial achievement of a qualification. Examples include study undertaken with other Australian universities or overseas institutions or through recognised professional bodies.
  • Non-formal learning that takes place through a structured program of learning but does not lead to a formal qualification. Examples include learning and training activities undertaken in the workplace, voluntary sector or in community groups.
  • Informal learning which is gained through work, social, family, hobby or leisure activities and experience.
  • Pathways which are agreed and approved between Griffith and another institution. Examples include Griffith College and TAFE.

You can apply for credit for prior learning once you have been admitted and this may reduce the time required to complete the program of study.

Visit the Griffith website for more information. 

Current Year 12 applicants

If you are a current Queensland Year 12 OP-eligible student applying to Griffith, you will be considered for admission on the basis of merit (expressed as an Overall Position (OP)) and whether you meet the entry criteria (such as subject prerequisites).

If you are a current Queensland Year 12 students who is deemed OP-ineligible, you will be assigned a QTAC selection rank based on the best 20 semester units of Authority subjects, Authority-registered subjects and vocational education and training (VET) modules (if applicable) that have been completed.

If you are a current Interstate Year 12 student applying to Griffith, you are assigned a QTAC selection rank based on your Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) and admission is based on this selection rank.

If you are a current International Baccalaureate (IB) student applying to Griffith, you are assigned a selection rank based on your completed IB Diploma score. The IB score is converted to a selection rank expressed as an ATAR. In Queensland, this is converted to a QTAC selection rank.

If you have completed other recognised qualifications while still at school, these may also be assigned a selection rank and considered for admission to Griffith. Examples include TAFE certificates III and IV and diplomas, and Australian Music Examination Board qualifications.

If you have a number of different qualifications for which selection ranks can be assigned, normally the highest will be used for admission.

Current Year 12 applicants – OP/selection rank-related adjustments

Griffith University has developed a number of admission schemes which are designed to meet the needs of local communities, or provide access to university for people who have experienced disadvantage or to encourage people under-represented at university from particular populations including Australia’s First Peoples.

These schemes use bonus ranks up to a maximum of 4 OP bands/8 selection ranks and include:

Gold Coast and Logan Campus Priority Access Scheme: provides people living in the Gold Coast and Logan campus catchment areas who have not previously attempted university study with +1OP/2 selection ranks or equivalent for selection into programs offered on those campuses.

Year 12 Subject Bonus Scheme: recognises that some subjects undertaken by high school students and some external senior studies undertaken by adult learners require a high level of skill and knowledge as preparation for university study. If you complete selected Year 12 subjects you may be eligible for a maximum of 6 bonus ranks when applying for study at Griffith in the year following the successful completion of Year 12. Some programs are excluded from this scheme.

Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Study (GUESTS): if you are a Queensland or NSW Year 11 or 12 student and you are OP/ATAR eligible, you may apply to complete a maximum of two undergraduate subjects while still studying at high school. Only one subject may be undertaken per trimester in any mode of study (online, on-campus or at school). If you successful complete a subject, 2 bonus ranks or 1 OP band are granted; for two subjects you can achieve +4 ranks/2 OP bands.

Educational Access Scheme (EAS): if you have experienced difficulties that have negatively impacted your school studies, you may be eligible for bonus ranks that are used to recognise the impact of financial, health-related or social disadvantage. The allocation of bonus ranks does not guarantee entry to Griffith or to your preferred program, you still have to meet the published OP cut-off for the program and any particular entry requirements. Applications are submitted via QTAC and UAC and full details of the EAS are available at both the QTAC and UAC websites.

Disadvantaged Schools Bonus: this scheme recognises that some schools have been designated as disadvantaged in accordance with UAC Educational Access Scheme (Disadvantage Code SO1C) and QTAC Quartile 1 and 2 Schools. Current Year 12 applicants from these schools will receive an adjustment of +1 OP band/2 selection ranks (or equivalent).

Current Year 12 applicants – guaranteed admission

OP 1–6 Guaranteed Admission and Griffith High Achiever Guarantee: if you are a Queensland or NSW Year 12 student and you receive an OP1–6 or equivalent ATAR, Griffith will guarantee you a place in the majority of undergraduate programs, regardless of the published OP, rank or ATAR cut off for admission. Some programs are excluded from this scheme.

Admission offers for the OP 1-6 Guaranteed Admission Scheme and the Griffith High Achiever Guarantee are processed by QTAC and UAC respectively.

TAFE Admission Scheme: if you are studying or have completed a TAFE diploma or advanced diploma, Griffith will guarantee admission into the majority of undergraduate programs based on your academic performance. Some programs are excluded from this scheme.

TAFE Guaranteed Admission Scheme offers are processed by the University.

Griffith University – alternative entry pathways

Griffith University’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Alternative Entry Scheme: if you have First People’s heritage, you can apply directly to Griffith for admission or go through QTAC or UAC. You will be required to provide evidence of your heritage and then participate in an application process that is managed through the Griffith First Peoples GUMURRI Student Support Unit and which includes academic and admission staff.

Logan Campus Direct Admission Scheme: if you are a mature age person (not a current Year 12 student), Griffith will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, aspiration, motivation and capabilities for university study through a combination of formal and informal learning (refer section on  Credit for Prior Learning above).

Information about Credit Transfer and Articulation at Griffith is available.

Admission offers for the Logan Campus Direct Admission Scheme are made directly by the University.

The Griffith University Undergraduate Programs Admission Policy is available.

Griffith University programs, entry requirements and other information relevant to admission can be found at the Griffith Career and Degree Finder

Criteria that may apply in addition to OP/selection rank

In some programs at Griffith, selection for admission can be based on special criteria in addition to, or in combination with, or instead of standard admission requirements. Special criteria may include:

  • performance in an audition
  • presentation of a folio of creative work
  • level of attainment in specialised tests
  • responses in an interview
  • demonstrated achievement of specified vocational or professional standards

Special criteria for admission are published in ‘What is the application process?’ for individual programs in the Griffith Career and Degree Finder.

Griffith University Rural Priority Access Scheme (GURPAS): if you are living in a rural or regional area of Australia and are applying for a Health program at Griffith including the Doctor of Medicine (via the Bachelor of Medical Science), Bachelor of Dental Health Science, and Bachelor of Midwifery, you may be eligible for consideration under a special quota of places, specifically set aside for rural students. Eligibility is based on residential location; that is, applicants must have lived in a category ASGS-RA 2-5 regional or remote area of Australia for a minimum of five consecutive years, or 10 cumulative years prior to commencing university study.

Griffith has information about GURPAS available.

Applicants with Year 12 completed in the past two years

If you completed Year 12 in the past two years, you can still rely on your Year 12 results for admission to Griffith. If you have completed post-secondary qualifications, such as higher education study, bridging and tertiary preparation courses, Vocational Education and Training (VET) study such as completed certificates III and IV and diplomas, these will be used to assess your eligibility for entry.

Other post-secondary professional and paraprofessional qualifications such as in the Performing Arts, Language and Civil Aviation qualifications, professional registrations and Australian Defence Force Service can also considered and so can employment experience.

Information about alternative entry pathways at Griffith is available.

If you have a number of different qualifications for which selection ranks can be assigned, normally the highest will be used for admission.

Applicants with work and life experience

Griffith University will consider you for entry if you have:

  • Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) and employment experience; applicants must be 18 or older to use STAT. Some program exemptions apply; refer to the Griffith Career and Degree Finder
  • Bridging or enabling courses completed at one of the registered Higher Education Providers across Australia
  • Successful completion of the Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation from Queensland TAFE. Students may undertake specific modules to meet subject prerequisite requirements. A minimum rank is available for two or more successfully completed modules

Griffith has information available about alternative entry pathways.

Applicants with higher education study experience

If you have completed a bachelor degree or higher, you will assigned a selection rank based on the level and duration of the study you have and the Grade Point Average (GPA) you have achieved.

Successfully completing a minimum of two single higher education courses (subjects) meets the Griffith University English subject prerequisite. It doesn’t matter which two courses have been completed.

If you have a number of different qualifications for which selection ranks can be assigned, normally the highest will be used for admission.

Griffith University Preparation Program

The Griffith University Preparation Program (GUPP) is a tertiary preparation program for mature age students offered at Logan campus. It’s been designed as a pathway for anyone wanting to undertake university study, but lacking the formal qualifications for entry. If you successfully complete GUPP, you will be eligible for admission to a range of Griffith undergraduate programs. 

GUPP tuition fees are subsidised and if you join the program you will not be liable for tuition fees.

Griffith University bridging courses

Bridging courses are short, intensive or self-paced courses designed for either Year 12 or mature age students who want to improve their subject knowledge. Bridging courses can be undertaken to meet subject prerequisites or to meet assumed knowledge competency. This type of study is useful for students with limited or no prior study in a specific subject area, those who have had a significant break from prior studies or those requiring a subject refresher.

Admission ranks for completed bridging courses may be awarded in addition to senior secondary study, tertiary or other qualifications. Tuition fees apply.

More information about Griffith bridging course options is available.

Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study

If you have completed an advanced diploma or diploma at an Australian TAFE Institute, you are awarded special admission ranks and are eligible for guaranteed entry to many of Griffith’s programs. You will still need to meet all entry requirements as outlined in the Griffith Career and Degree Finder.

You can apply directly to Griffith and you can visit the Griffith University website for more information about the TAFE admission scheme.

Griffith College offers a range of diploma programs to prepare students for a smooth transition into a full program of study at Griffith University. If you complete a Griffith College diploma, you will be guaranteed direct entry into a related Griffith University bachelor program.

If you have a number of different qualifications for which selection ranks can be assigned, normally the highest will be used for admission.

Additional information

Scholarships: each year, Griffith and its education and industry partners provide more than $40 million in direct financial support to assist new and continuing students successfully complete their program of study. The Griffith website has a search tool that helps match you to the right scholarship.

Trimesters: Griffith teaches across three 12-week trimesters, offering students increased flexibility. Depending on your program, you may be able to accelerate your study and get a head start on your career. Alternatively, you can spread your study load to better balance study with your other commitments such as work or child-care. Not every program is available in Trimester 3.

First Peoples: situated on each campus, the GUMURRII Student Support Unit offers a safe and culturally supportive learning environment for Australia First Peoples students, from orientation through to graduation and postgraduate studies.

Domestic students with overseas qualifications: domestic students with overseas qualifications should contact Griffith for information on how their qualifications will be assessed for entry.

English language proficiency: you must be able to demonstrate your English language proficiency i.e. the capacity to speak, write, read and comprehend English to a specified standard. Visit English language proficiency for information on Griffith's English proficiency requirements, including ways to demonstrate English language proficiency.

How to apply

Applications for admission to Griffith University may be made via:

Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC)

University Admissions Centre (UAC)

Direct to the University

Credit: Griffith provides credit if you can demonstrate that you have already achieved the learning required for components of a program of study

Information about Credit for Prior Learning is available.

Offers: If you apply via QTAC, you will be advised of your offer to Griffith University by email and you must respond to the offer online by the due date. Once you accept your offer you will be able to enrol via a link in your Griffith offer email.

Forced Offers: Griffith can make an offer into a program regardless of ranking or eligibility. These offers are limited and selective and normally made to certain types of people including those with Australia’s First Peoples heritage or to address disadvantage or equity and diversity.

Acceptances, lapsing of offers: if you receive an offer from Griffith University but do not notify us of your acceptance by the date in the offer letter, your offer may lapse and you will have relinquished your offer for a place. You can apply to have an offer reinstated by contacting Griffith Admissions.

Deferring an offer: you can accept an offer from Griffith and defer your enrolment for a period of time, usually twelve months. This option is not available in programs where admission is based on special criteria. If you wish to defer you should not enrol or pay any fees. If you want to defer, you should email Griffith as soon as possible.

Fees and charges – Visit the Griffith website for more information.

Review and Appeals: if you are unhappy with the outcome of your application for admission to Griffith, you may apply for a review of the decision. This requires you to write to Griffith and outline the reasons why you believe your application should be reconsidered. You should use a Review of Decision form.

Full details of the Student Review and Appeals Policy and Procedures is available.

The Griffith University Undergraduate Programs Admission Policy is available.

Summary of domestic undergraduate applicants pathways to Griffith University

Student profile
Applicant background Semester 1, 2017
Number of students % of all students
(a) Past higher education study
(includes a bridging or enabling course)
3315 32.6%
(b) Past vocational education and training (VET) study 895 8.8%

(c) Recent secondary education:

Admitted solely on the basis of OP/selection rank (regardless of whether this includes the impact of adjustment factors such as equity or subject bonus points





Admitted where both OP/selection rank and additional criteria were considered (e.g. portfolio, audition, extra test, early offer conditional on minimum OP/selection rank) - -
Admitted on the basis of other criteria only and OP/selection rank was not a factor (e.g. special consideration, audition alone, school recommendation scheme with no minimum OP/selection rank requirement, VET qualification completed during school) 629 5.8%
(d) Work and life experience
(Admitted on the basis of previous achievement other than the above)
629 6.2%
International students 1050 10.3%
All students 10181 100%
Notes:        L/N – Low numbers: the numbers of students is less than five.
                    N/A – Data not available for this item.
                    N/P – Not published: the number is hidden to prevent calculation of numbers in cells with less than five students. (The values of suppressed cells can be approximated by using the totals and subtracting the values of some other cells, but only to within five students of the actual number, thereby     retaining the confidentiality of the cells marked "L/N.)

Course admissions information semester 1, 2017

View course offer information (PDF 2.6MB) (including the OP/selection rank profile for a course) for the semester 1, 2017 admissions period.

More information about Griffith

Griffith is a member of Innovative Research Universities (IRU)

Griffith is listed as an Australian University on the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency’s National Register of Higher Education Providers

Applying for admission to Griffith is via:

Griffith University Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching


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