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Monday 29 - if choosing BPAY, you should make payment by today to avoid paying higher application fees
Tuesday 30 - due date for on-time applications, apply by today to avoid higher application fees
Wednesday 1 - higher application fees apply
9am - change of preference closes for 2 October offers
Thursday 2 - 9am - major offer round for most courses starting semester 3, 2014
Thursday 9 - respond to 2 October offers by 10am
Thursday 16 - 9am - further offers made for semester 3
Wednesday 22 - 10am - respond to offer closes for 16 October offers
Thursday 30 - 2pm - further offers made for semester 3

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Submitting documentation?

Documentation for your qualifications does not need to be submitted by 30 September. If you are applying for semester 1, 2015, it can be submitted later. 15 December is the due date for documentation for most semester 1 offers.




Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre

QTAC takes applications for the majority of undergraduate courses at Queensland universities, Medicine at Bond University, the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania, and to some courses at universities in Northern NSW, TAFE Queensland and some private providers of post secondary courses. See Institutions for details of universities with QTAC admissions. QTAC also lists courses for institutions that manage their own admissions.




On time applications are due today, Tuesday 30 September. To avoid paying the higher fee, apply now. Lodge and pay for your application before 11:59pm (Qld) time. Please note that if you choose BPAY now, it is unlikely we will receive your payment before the higher application fee applies.


Apply now

To avoid higher application fees, you should lodge before 30 September.  If you apply before 1 October 2014, it costs $35 for current Year 12s and $65 for all other applicants. Please note that If you choose BPAY as a payment method now, it is unlikely we will receive your payment before the higher application fee applies.

Documentation and Courses

If you are unsure about what courses to list on your application, you should still apply before 30 September to avoid paying the higher fee. You can always change your preferences after you lodge your application.  You can also provide any required documentation later, check Key Dates for dates you need to provide documentation by.


Contacting us

Our phones will be extremely busy on Tuesday 30 September. Our phone lines will be open until 5pm to answer your questions. We also get many emails asking for assistance and if you require an answer before 30 September you may wish to call us instead.


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Computer settings  

You need to have certain technical requirements on your computer to apply. 
The application should only take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You should use a desktop or laptop computer to apply as
mobile devices such as your mobile phone or tablet are not compatible.

You can check your computer settings before starting your application for information on recommended browsers and system requirements. There are links available to help you upgrade and check your settings.

If you are a Mac user, it is recommended that you use either Safari or Firefox as your internet browser as Google Chrome is not compatible. Some Mac users may experience windows not displaying correctly. If you click in the window, it should refresh the page and display correctly.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) is an aptitude test enabling you to demonstrate your potential for tertiary study.

The test is accepted by most tertiary institutions in Queensland but institution policies apply. Before registering for the test, find out if you can use it, by referring to the Institution Policies on STAT or contact QTAC for more information.  There is a $145 fee to sit the test.


Educational Access Scheme (EAS) helps applicants who have experienced difficult circumstances while studying to gain entry to university.

STAT Documentation
Key Dates - Non Yr 12s Privacy Policy
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