Exploring your options, beyond the traditional path to university!

The journey to university isn’t always a straight line. Sometimes, it’s about finding alternative paths that suit YOU. Here’s some food for thought:

1️⃣   Employment: Your work experience could be your ticket to university, and most of the time it doesn’t have to relate to what you are applying for.

Find out further information on employment experience and documenting your employment on your application.

2️⃣   Bridging courses: Most institutions offer bridging units or courses to meet subject prerequisites.

Find out about the various purposes bridging courses may be useful, and specific institution programs.

3️⃣   VET: Consider Vocational Education and Training study for practical, hands-on learning. But check with the institution what they may consider.

4️⃣   Tertiary: Explore different programs for a higher selection rank to transition into your dream course.

Visit Course Search to explore your options, and check the Selection Rank Profile page for minimum selection thresholds for specific programs.

5️⃣   STAT: The Special Tertiary Admissions Test can be a quick way to get or increase your selection rank. Check institution rules and if STAT is right for you before registering.

Remember, everyone’s journey is unique! Embrace the possibilities and discover the path that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

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