Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of another inspiring student who was one of this year’s TSXPO Prize Pack winners, Zander Vollenhoven from Ferny Grove State High School.

Zander has a clear vision for his future – he aspires to study engineering at university but is unsure whether his ATAR will meet the entry requirements for entry. Instead of letting that deter him, he’s taking proactive steps to explore alternative pathways to success.

Zander has explored his alternative route to university, considering diploma study as a stepping stone to bridge the gap between his current qualifications and the requirements for engineering at university.

TSXPO not only helped him work out where his passions lie, but taught him a valuable lesson about options – different universities can have varying ranks and entry requirements for admission for similar degrees. This information can be crucial in making an informed choice about your educational path.

We applaud Zander for his proactive approach to achieving his future study goals. Regardless of where you are in your academic journey, keep in mind that determination, exploration, and making the most of available resources can help you reach your goals. So, future students, embrace your journey, and may it guide you toward a bright and successful future.

If you’re like Zander and you’re considering entry into university, but you’re unsure whether you will get the ATAR you anticipate, don’t panic! You may still get an offer. Here are a few things you can consider and check first:

  • Offer dates: Most offers for Semester 1, 2024 will be released 11 January 2024. However, participation in early offer rounds is done at the Institution’s discretion and normally only considers a small pool of highly eligible applicants. You can view the Course Offers and Vacancies page for information on offer rounds coming up. If you wish to change your preferences, the due date for consideration is 3 January 2024, so you have time are your ATAR is released.
  • Check your options: There are plenty of upgrading pathways, see what options there are to get into your desired course of study.
  • Competitive courses: If you are applying for a highly competitive program and you fear you may not get in, make sure you utlilise all of your preferences. Consider alternative programs with a lower rank requirement just in case, you could apply for something completely different or something similar and receive credits for the following year.
  • New ATAR: If you wish to continue a Year 12 study pathway to accumulate further QCE subjects towards a new ATAR, here are a few points you need to know:
    • To be eligible for a new ATAR you will need to take a course of study that meets the ATAR eligibility requirements. Check the guidelines in the ATAR Factsheet – Qualifying for a New ATAR.
    • Look at different providers who offer an alternative to doing year 12 at school.
    • Whatever pathway you choose – Any subjects that you study must be recognised by the QCAA as equivalent to the QCE subjects.
    • If you want to a specific program, at some universities you may need to be a current year 12, so check your pathway for further study carefully before applying.

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