Looking to make your QTAC application a smooth success?

Here are valuable tips from our Assessment & Information Services Team to give you the best chance of securing an offer for your preferred preference*.

  • Research Wisely: Explore course options and admission criteria using QTAC’s Course Search.
  • Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet all course requirements, including prerequisites and selection rank thresholds.
  • Be Deadline Savvy: Keep track of early or fixed closing dates for your desired courses.
  • Set Up Your Account: Create your QTAC account through Application Services.
  • Completeness Matters: Fill in all application sections thoroughly before submission, most importantly listed all of your qualifications, even if they are yet to be completed.
  • Document Early: Submit all required documentation promptly to avoid delays.
  • Be Prepared: Fulfill eligibility requirements (e.g., portfolios, subject prerequisites, personal statements) before course-specific deadlines.
  • Prioritise Preferences: Order your course preferences carefully to avoid missing out on top choices. If you’re unsure whether you might get into your top preference, take advantage listing all six preferences.
    • Preference 1 – 2: Desired courses. These are the courses you want to study most, and entrance requirements are more competitive
    • Preference 3 – 4: Back-up courses. These are alternative courses you’d like to study with less competitive entrance requirements (e.g., courses with a lower ran requirement)
    • Preference 5 – 6: Pathway courses. These are bridging and enabling courses that can help you get into the course you want and prepare you for tertiary study.
  • Double-Check: Review your application after completion by logging into your QTAC account through Application Services.
  • Stay Responsive: Respond promptly to any requests for additional information or documents from QTAC.
  • Plan Ahead: Make necessary changes to your application and preferences well before offer rounds – refer to Key Dates for deadlines.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on course offer dates and vacancy information from individual institutions.
  • Act Swiftly: Respond promptly to offer notifications; your timely response can impact further offer rounds. Don’t let offers expire!
  • Lastly: If you receive an offer and have already responded, firstly congratulations! Make sure you check your offer details, including institution enrolment dates and deadlines. Keep in mind that competitive courses fill up quickly, so act promptly to secure your spot.

Additional tips for your application

  • USI: If you are an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a permanent humanitarian visa, a Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a must-have for the application process. No USI yet? Create a USI here. Forget your USI? Recovering your existing USI here.
  • UCAT: Heard of the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT)? If not, you probably won’t need it. Keep this field blank and continue through your application. But if it’s required for your dream course, check the UCAT website or Course Search for your program Admission Criteria. The only Queensland programs that require UCAT are:
    • Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathway to Medicine), Central Queensland University
    • Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathway to Medicine), Central Queensland University
    • Bachelor of Dental Health Science, Griffith University
    • Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours), The University of Queensland
    • Doctor of Medicine (MD) (Provisional Entry for School-Leavers), The University of Queensland
    • Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Medicine Pathway), University of Southern Queensland
  • Rural Access Scheme: Applying to CQUniversity, Griffith University, The University of Queensland, or University of the Sunshine Coast? You might receive details about the Rural Access Scheme. If you’re not from a rural area, you can safely disregard this automated message and proceed with your application.
  • Consent: We can only discuss your QTAC application with you directly, or someone you authorise. If you want a family member or guardian to access your application and act on your behalf, simply enter their details in the authorised contacts section of your application.

Register for your ATAR: Queensland Year 12 applicants, remember to also sign up in the ATAR Portal for your Queensland ATAR separately.

Note: The consent to share your ATAR with interstate TAC’s is part of the mandatory consent in the ATAR portal and QTAC application registration.

Your path to success begins here – follow these tips to navigate your academic journey smoothly!

Our QTAC customer service team us ready to help.

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*Disclaimer – These are general guidelines only. Because of the complex nature of individual institutional course requirements, QTAC takes no responsibility for individual outcomes based on this advice. All applicants should thoroughly research and check their applications after submission.