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Thinking of studying in 2019?

Make it your year

How do I...

...find out my application number?

You can find your application number on your tax receipt under the Transactions tab in your online application. It's nine digits long and starts with either 191 or 195.

...respond to my offer?

...reactivate my expired offer?

...find out why didn't I get an offer?


Key dates

  • Friday, 1 – due date to submit documents for Bond medicine courses
  • Monday, 4 – due date to respond to 31 January offers
  • Tuesday, 5 – further offers made for some Sem 1, 2019 courses
  • Tuesday, 5 – Applications close for some Griffith Uni courses
  • Saturday, 9 – due date to respond to 5 Feb offers


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  • Friday, 8 – offers made for Bond Uni medicine courses


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