It’s that time of year again when many Year 12 students are thinking about tertiary study after school, and preparing to register for the ATAR Portal and to submit their QTAC application.  

Here are some Fast Facts to help year 12 students through a smooth ATAR registration! 

Key Dates 

 Tuesday 2 August 2022 

ATAR Portal Registrations and  
QTAC Applications for 2023 open 

Friday 16 December 2022 

ATARs are released 



Who needs to register in the ATAR Portal for their ATAR? 

  • All current year 12s who wish to receive their ATAR must create an ATAR Account. 
  • All current year 12s who are applying through QTAC for tertiary study. 
  • All students wishing to study interstate also need to register for their ATAR. 

Setting up an ATAR Account 

  • Students should make sure personal details match in their ATAR account and their QCAA Learning account. 

ATAR Portal Consent to share ATAR with school 

When setting up their ATAR account, students are given the choice to opt out of sharing their ATAR with the school, or not (see screenshot of ATAR Portal consent, below). 

  • In their QTAC application students also select an option for consent to share their ATAR.  
  • Students can change their consent to share status at any time, before or after release of ATARs. The most recent consent selection determines what data is shared with the schools. 
  • Applicants applying interstate automatically give consent for QTAC to share their ATAR with the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre by creating an ATAR account and agreeing to the QTAC Customer Declaration. 
  • Read carefully and acknowledge the QTAC Customer Declaration and Applicant Rights and Responsibilities. 

ATAR Portal user-friendly functions 

  • Students can edit their Portal personal details when these are unmatched with QCAA data. 
  • Students can log in to the Portal and change/edit their own email address. 
  • On log-in user gets a pop-up error message if ATAR details do not match QCAA data in the system.  

ATAR Registration troubleshooting 

Head to our ATAR FAQs and Troubleshooting ATAR Accounts factsheet for more help.  

Access ATAR Resources 

There is a lot more information about the ATAR on our QTAC website, and in case you missed it, the QTAC presentations many students, their parents and schools will attend. 

For Students, Parents and Schools 

For Schools 

Presentations and resources: