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These statistics show the outcomes of tertiary applications over the last two years, and can be used to identify trends in applications.



Total offers

The total number of offers made in all offer rounds including multiple offers for the one applicant.

Final offers

The final number of applicants per semester who received an offer.


The number of applicants enrolled in their offered course by the census date, as reported by the institution.

Census date

  • Semester 3 – 30 November.
  • Semester 1 – 31 March.
  • Semester 2 – 31 August.

Course levels

AdvD Advanced Diploma
AB Associate Degree
AD Associate Diploma
B Bachelor Degree
Cert/C Certificate
D Diploma
Grad Cert Graduate Certificate
Grad Dip Graduate Diploma

Field of education

The types of courses in the major Fields of Education include:

  • Natural and physical sciences

Mathematics, physics, chemical sciences, earth sciences, biological sciences, medical science, food science and biotechnology, laboratory technology.

  • Information technology

Computer science, information technology, programming.

  • Engineering

Manufacturing, chemical, automotive, mechanical, civil, surveying, electrical, electronic, aerospace, maritime, biomedical.

  • Architecture and building

Urban design and regional planning, interior and environmental design, building.

  • Agriculture, environmental and related studies

Animal husbandry, horticulture, forestry, fisheries, environmental, land, parks and wildlife.

  • Health

Medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary science, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, podiatry, naturopathy.

  • Education

Early childhood, primary, secondary.

  • Management and commerce

Accounting, business management, human resource management, hospitality management, tourism, banking and finance.

  • Society and culture

Sociology, social work, behavioural science, psychology, language and literature, history, law, justice studies, economics, sport and recreation.

  • Creative arts

Music, drama, dance, visual arts, photography, graphic design, fashion design, journalism, communication and media studies.

  • Food, hospitality and personal services

Beauty therapy.

Region/school region

Regions are based on ABS divisions. An applicant's permanent residence postcode or their school's postcode (in the case of Year 12 school region) are used as follows.
Brisbane 4000-4207; 4280; 4300-4306; 4500-4512; 4516; 4520-4521
Moreton North 4312-4339; 4513-4515; 4517-4519; 4522-4569; 4571-4579
Moreton South    4208-4279; 4281-4299; 4307-4311; 4340-4349; 9726
Wide Bay    4570; 4580-4613; 4615-4679
Darling Downs    4350-4419; 4421-4425; 4494-4496; 4498-4499; 4614
South West    4426-4471; 4473-4477; 4479-4480; 4486-4493; 4497
Fitzroy 4420; 4680-4706; 4709-4720; 4722-4723
Central West    4472; 4478; 4481-4485; 4724-4736; 4829
Mackay    4707-4708; 4721; 4737-4804
Northern 4805-4820; 4850-4851
Far North    4849; 4852-4889; 4895
North West    4821-4828; 4830-4848; 4890-4891


Standard Reports

Semester 1, 2019

Common suite of reports on the applications and offers for undergraduate courses in Semester 1 2019.

QTAC Semester 1 2019 (PDF 888.6KB)

Semester 1, 2018

Common suite of reports on the applications and offers for undergraduate courses in Semester 1 2018.

QTAC Semester 1 2018 (PDF 525.3KB)


Page last updated: 04 Jun 2019