Congratulations to all our International Baccalaureate students on completing your IB Studies program and finishing year 12. We wish you well for your applications and for the future as you prepare for the next phase in your life.  

Here is QTAC’s latest update on the release of the IBAS. This information has also been sent out to schools.  

Early release of IBAS results to students 

IBAS results will be released to Queensland students from 12:00pm on 4 January 2023

(Previous time was 5 January 2023 from 9:00am)

QTAC is pleased to be able to offer the earlier IBAS release time to our Queensland students. This should give students time to review their QTAC applications and change their course preferences if needed. See information on Course Preferences at

Students will receive their IBAS via a personal email from QTAC.

IMPORTANT: IBAS emails will only be sent to students who have submitted a QTAC IBAS Year 12 Consent Form (to provide consent and supply their contact details) and have nominated a Tertiary Admissions Centre in their IBIS account. 


Students, have you submitted the QTAC IBAS Year 12 Consent Form

Queensland (onshore) IB students, if you want to receive your IBAS result from QTAC you will need to complete and submit the online QTAC IBAS Year 12 Consent Form before IB results are released. You also have the option to share your IBAS result with your school. 

How to get the link to the IBAS Consent Form

Contact your school’s IB Coordinator, or contact QTAC for assistance:
Call QTAC: 1300 467 822

Students, have you nominated a TAC to receive your IB results transcript? 

Please note: An IBAS cannot be calculated for anyone who has not nominated (within IBIS) a tertiary admissions centre to receive their IB results. 

Please go into your IBIS account and nominate QTAC as a recipient of your IB results. 

QTAC can only retrieve your results directly from the IBO if you nominate QTAC as a recipient of your IB results via the Results Release Service on the International Baccalaureate Information System (IBIS). This gives your permission to share IB results with QTAC (and interstate TACs) for assessing your Application. This also ensures the IBO provides IB results for the IBAS calculation.  

Useful resources: IB and your QTAC application