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We will proactively reach out to you to offer helpful information and remind you of key dates surrounding your QTAC Application and ATAR release. 

We’ll keep our reminders short and helpful – as you work toward graduating Year 12. 

QTAC will get in touch  with you by email and SMS, starting July 2023 (with a little pause during your exam periods) through to receiving your ATAR and setting up and submitting your QTAC Application.

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Remind Me will run until February 2024.

Getting started on your application

2024 QTAC Admissions have officially opened! You can create an account or submit your application through the QTAC Application Portal.  Remember to use your personal email and not your school email so you don’t get locked out of your account and miss out on important information. 

Have the following personal details ready to set up your ATAR account:

Upgrading Pathways

There is more than one way into your dream course. If you’ve had a hard year and challenging circumstances have disadvantaged you or your studies, there are options and pathways that can serve as stepping stones to help you on your tertiary education journey. 

Below is a list of the more popular upgrading pathways available. You should check with the institution directly to make sure you choose the appropriate pathway for the type of course you want to get into.

The Selection Rank Profile

A selection rank is the rank required for eligibility for entry into a particular course of study. The selection rank is determined by using an applicant’s ATAR, qualifications and other adjustment factors. 

Each Course Search entry shows a selection rank profile.

There is often myths surrounding selection ranks. To clear this up, we’ve gone ahead and busted the myths about selections ranks here

Key Dates

We make over 23  scheduled offer rounds in an admissions cycle, and not all institutions or courses part-take at the same time. We’ll explain preferencing in the coming Remind Me notifications.

We’ve shared the next most important dates below. Visit our Fixed closing dates page to see which courses close and when. 

1 August 2023
The QTAC Application & ATAR portal open Tuesday 1 August 2023. Students will need to lodge their application via the Application Portal. Students eligible for an ATAR need to register via the ATAR Portal.
17 August 2023
Due date to apply and submit documents to be eligible for the next QTAC offer round.
24 August 2023
Offers will be released Thursday 24 August 2023 at 8:30am.
29 September 2023
Due date to apply and submit documents if eligible for the next early offer round, 5 October 2023.
5 October 2023
Offers will be released Thursday 5 October 2023 at 8:30am. Applicants who have been made offers have until 4 pm, Monday 9 October to respond.

The following is a step by set guide on how to order preferences:

You can select up to six course preferences, and ordering them is crucial to the outcome of your application. Using all six preferences maximises your chances of getting an offer.

You can find your preferred courses using our course Search. Take note of the course code for each and offer round date —knowing these details makes  it quicker and easier to add preferences to your application —then order your preferences like this:




These are the courses you want to study most, and entrance requirements are more competitive.




These are alternative courses you’d like to study with less competitive entrance requirements.




These are bridging and enabling courses that can help you get into the course you want and prepare for tertiary study.

If you’re applying for courses that have different offer rounds, you’ll then need to re-order your preferences according to the offer round date.

Some other points to consider:

  • Check if any of your preferences have fixed closing dates.
  • Note that courses starting in the same semester may have different offer round dates. Check the offer round date for your preferences in Course Search.
  • If you’re applying for courses offered in different offer rounds, make sure you order them chronologically, according to the offer round date.

How to add preferences

In your QTAC application, you’ll be asked to add your preferences under the Course Preferences section.

  1.  Search for the course/s you want, or insert the QTAC course code.
  2.  When you’ve found a course, select Add.
  3.  You can add, delete, edit or re-order your preferences. Make sure you order them as per the month of the offer round date.
  4.  Once you’ve put all your courses in the order you want, select Continue.
Important: Opting Out of the Remind Me service

If you choose to ‘unsubscribe’ or opt out of QTAC Remind Me, you will opt out to all QTAC contact. This means you will not receive any information about offers, outstanding documents, or application information. 

If you wish to opt out of QTAC Remind Me but wish to receive other important information from QTAC, reply to any SMS or email and simply let us know! 

Data Privacy

Remind me will not disclose private information to subscribers via email or SMS. Your data is being treated in accordance with QTAC corporate policies as seen here: 

Privacy policies

Rights and Responsibilities with regards to QTAC Applications 

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