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Access Request Form for QTAC School Portal & Power Bi

The QTAC Schools Portal is designed to be viewable by all school staff, and any existing staff can request additional users to be added via this form. New users can use this form, however newly created Schools or those outside of Queensland, need to reach us at to establish access.

*Access to School Reports in Power Bi is only as advised by a principal or Head of School and is capped at four users per school. A principal or Head of School must complete this form on behalf of other users.


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Member Access Request


Member Access Request


Member Access Request


Principal Details

You can only access and work with Power BI data with the explicit permission of school principals. This ensures that the data we analyze and interpret is handled responsibly and in compliance with the school’s policies. We value the trust placed in us by principals, and we are committed to maintaining the privacy and integrity of their data throughout our partnership.

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ATAR Report Webinar Booking Form

This free Webinar (via Zoom) will provide an overview of the 2021 ATAR Report and scaling to assist school leaders, guidance officers and teachers in understanding the ATAR Report and to be able to answer questions from students, staff and parents.

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Webinar 4:
Thursday 24 March
4:00 to 5:00pm
*if you want to book for more than one date or for more than one person, please submit separate forms

Contact Information

Please note that registration information and contact details will only be used to manage attendance at the webinar and will not be shared.

Additonal Questions?

If you have any questions about the ATAR and the 2021 ATAR report you would like our experts to answer, please enter them below. You can also email questions to the organisers after registering if you wish to.


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