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ATAR Appeals

QTAC offers an ATAR Appeal process which gives ATAR recipients the opportunity to request a review of their final ATAR result calculation. An ATAR Appeal is made by lodging a formal application online. All ATAR recipients have the right to appeal. However, appeals must be lodged by the ATAR recipients themselves.

The 2021 ATAR Appeals period will run from when ATARs are released on 17 December 2021 until 31 January 2022.

When to consider an appeal?

An ATAR appeal should only be considered in situations where the student has good reason to believe that their ATAR has not been calculated in accordance with QTAC’s approved rules, policies, procedures and practices. These rules are contained in the approved document, Calculating the ATAR in Queensland Technical Document (see QTAC website).

Where your ATAR is likely to change due to amendments (changes) in your QCE results e.g. due to a review, you do not need to lodge an appeal. (See below for more information)

Appeal Fee

The ATAR Appeal fee is $33 (incl. GST). Payment must be made online when the Appeal Application is submitted. If the Appeal is successful the fee will be fully refunded.

How to Lodge an Appeal

  1. Contact QTAC to discuss any concerns with your ATAR and to work out the best way forward.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the Calculating the ATAR in Queensland Technical Document.
  3. Use this in your Appeal to prepare the reasons why you believe a review and recalculation of your ATAR is needed.
  4. Prepare supporting documentation for your appeal. All supporting documentation attached to your application must be clearly identified with your name and LUI.
  5. Complete the ATAR Appeal form online (available on 17 December 2021).
  6. Pay the appeal fee of $33 (incl. GST) online at the time of lodging the Appeal application.
  7. Submit the ATAR Appeal online application form.

The Appeal Outcome

The Appeals process will be managed by QTAC’s ATAR Technical Adviser and recalculation of the ATAR will be conducted by QTAC’s statistician. QTAC will endeavour to commence work on an Appeal submission within five business days from submission. 

Applicants will be emailed the outcome of their Appeal. If an applicant is successful in their appeal, a new ATAR will be issued and the applicant’s records will be updated with the recalculated ATAR. The new ATAR will supersede the original ATAR. Interstate Tertiary Admission Centres will be advised of the applicant’s new ATAR if the applicant has consented to share this information.  If the student has lodged a QTAC application, the application will be updated with their new ATAR.

Appeal or Amendment?

You do not need to lodge an appeal where your ATAR is likely to change due to amendments in your QCE results. Amendments will be automatically processed by QTAC when the amended results come through to QTAC from the QCAA. The timing of ATAR amendments is dependent on the timing of when QCAA passes on amended results.

QCAA Amendments can include:

  • Where final QCE subject results are reviewed and subsequently changed.
  • Additional and accumulated subjects: Subjects added to the QCAA learning account after an initial ATAR has been calculated.

We encourage students to contact us at QTAC to discuss their ATAR concerns with our QTAC ATAR specialists before lodging an appeal.

ATAR Appeals open from 17 December 2021. All appeal-related queries should be directed to the ATAR hotline 1300 193 173 or email

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