Every QTAC application is individually assessed by QTAC’s specialist Assessors. Our small team assesses close to 70,000 applications every year. We asked our experts to share their hot tips for making sure your application has a smooth run through the system to give you the best chance of getting an offer for your preferred course*. 

  1. Research course options and admission criteria thoroughly before putting in your application using QTAC’s Course Search 
  2. Check that you can meet all course eligibility requirements i.e. prerequisite subjects and selection rank thresholds 
  3. Check if there are early or fixed closing dates for your preferred course.  
  4. Create your QTAC account through Application Services  
  5. Complete all sections of the application before submitting. 
  6. Submit all required documentation with your application as early as possible. 
  7. Submit all eligibility requirements before the closing dates set for the specific course e.g. portfolios, subject prerequisites, personal statements, questionnaires, UCAT entry for medicine.  
  8. Order your preferences carefully so you don’t miss out on that dream course. Find out more about managing preferences 
  9. Log in to your QTAC account through Application Services and check your application after completion. 
  10. Respond promptly to QTAC requests for further information or documents. If you cannot supply a document, let QTAC know so that your application is not delayed. 
  11. Make changes to your application and preferences well before the offer rounds. Check the Key Dates for deadlines.  
  12. Check the course offer dates and vacancy information from individual institutions so that you know when to expect an offer.  
  13. Respond to your offer notification as soon as you receive it. Your response can determine if you are included in further offer rounds. Your offer will expire if you do not respond to it by the specified date and time. Find out more about expired offers and how to respond to offers.   


Register for your ATAR 

Queensland applicants (2020 Year 12’s onwards), don’t forget to sign up in the ATAR Portal for your Queensland ATAR. This gives your consent for QTAC to share your results with institutions, including interstate for application purposes. 


Our QTAC assessment specialists are ready to assist you.  

Call us on 1300 467 822. 


*Disclaimer – These are general guidelines only. Because of the complex nature of individual institutional course requirements, QTAC takes no responsibility for individual outcomes based on this advice. All applicants should thoroughly research and check their applications after submission.