Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Medicine Pathway) - Bonded Medical Program
University of Southern Queensland - Toowoomba

Course outline

Discover the wonder of the human body in health and disease and gain knowledge and skills for your post-graduate Doctor of Medicine degree with our Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Medicine Pathway). Our courses include human anatomy and physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, genetics, cell and molecular biology, nutrition, biochemistry, psychology and First Nations studies. You will also have the option to study eight courses of your choosing from a wide selection. You will gain extensive theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. By investigating authentic medical problems, as well as undertaking work placements in rural, regional and remote settings and participating in undergraduate research experiences you will be well-prepared for the Doctor of Medicine degree. Upon successful completion of the course within three years and with a minimum Grade Point Average of 5.0, you will gain direct entry into The University of Queensland’s Toowoomba-based Doctor of Medicine Program. The University of Queensland’s Doctor of Medicine is a program of four years duration, The Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Medicine Pathway) is part of the Darling Downs South West Medical Pathway, a collaboration between University of Southern Queensland, University of Queensland, Darling Downs Health and South West Hospital and Health Service. The goal of the collaboration is to provide end to end medical training in the Darling Downs and South West regions to enhance our rural, regional and remote medical workforce. For more information, visit Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medicine Pathway) at UniSQ.


Enrolment is for on campus study.

Workplace experience is an integral component of the program and each student is required to undertake and satisfactorily complete 75 hours of workplace experience in a rural or regional community setting in Queensland. This will require travel outside of Toowoomba.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander applicants may choose to apply for this course via the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Admission pathway.

Other requirements

Students must satisfy the safety and security requirements of the University of Southern Queensland and Queensland Health for work placement. These include evidence of immunity to or vaccination against notifiable and contagious diseases, Queensland Health student checklist and placement, privacy and consent deeds, and a University of Southern Queensland Student Clinical Placement Policy Declaration.

Admissions Criteria

For additional information about the admissions criteria for the University of Southern Queensland and for this course, refer to UniSQ’s website.


English, Literature, English and Literature Extension or English as an Additional Language (Units 3 and 4, C); General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics (Units 3 and 4, C); Applicant must be a Current Year 12 student; Interview

Fixed closing date

30 September 2023

Additional entry requirements

Applicants must be completing year 12 (first year attempted) in the year of applying as well as complete the University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand (UCAT ANZ). Shortlisted applicants from UCAT scores will also be required to attend multiple mini-interviews (MMIs).

Recommended study
Recommended one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics (Units 3 and 4, C).
Assumed knowledge

Minimum Selection thresholds (ATAR/Selection Rank) for semester/trimester/term 1, 2024
ATAR/Selection Rank profile for those offered places wholly or partly on the basis of ATAR/Selection Rank for semester/trimester/term 1, 2024

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Median Rank to receive an offer

Lowest Rank to receive an offer

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Excluding: The lowest ATAR/Selection Rank to which an offer was made, excluding adjustment factors.
Including: The lowest ATAR/Selection Rank to which an offer was made including any adjustment factors that may have been applied.

Student Profile by Applicant background for semester/trimester/term 1, 2024

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Career opportunities

Students enrolled in the Medicine Pathway major who have maintained a GPA of 5.0 or above and completed their program in three years will enter The University of Queensland Doctor of Medicine (Rural Clinical School, Toowoomba) following completion of the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Medicine Pathway).

Course Code
Start Date
Offer rounds

9 Jan 2025

Level of Qualification
Bachelor degree
Study Area
Health and Recreation, Sciences
Study Mode
Full time
Course Duration

3 years Full time

Darling Downs & South West QLD