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Bachelor of Nursing
University of Southern Queensland - External

Course outline

This program is aligned with current Australian professional nursing and aged care standards of practice and prepares students for practice as Registered Nurses delivering high quality care to people of all ages and for a variety of settings. For example, hospitals, community settings, mental health settings, GP practices, clinics, rural and remote health services, and aged care facilities across Australia and the world. The program provides students with a combination of theory and clinical simulation in well-resourced labs and nursing wards, as well as significant amounts of professional experience (840 hours) in diverse health care settings within metropolitan, regional and rural environments. This type of preparation ensures students graduate as skilled, knowledgeable and highly employable nurses. The flexible delivery option allows the on-campus component of this program to be studied in intensive residential schools each semester, combined with online delivery and face-to-face clinical experience. This program is also an admission pathway to graduate-entry midwifery and mental health programs and other specialties within nursing and health care. For more program information, visit Bachelor of Nursing at USQ.


External students must attend residential schools of one to two weeks’ duration during most semesters of their program and a total of 840 hours of clinical placements at designated clinical facilities in Queensland.

Other requirements

Prior to clinical practice, students must obtain and maintain a current CPR certificate, obtain a Blue Card and Australian Federal Police Criminal History Check Certificate, establish immunisation against hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis (whooping cough) and varicella, take a tuberculosis test and be immunised against influenza (highly recommended), complete a Queensland Health Student Orientation Checklist, and sign a Queensland Health professional students checklist and deed polls, and a USQ Clinical Placement Declaration. All students must be able to meet the physical and other professional requirements of clinical practice within this program.

Admissions Criteria

For additional information about the admissions criteria for the University of Southern Queensland and for this course, refer to USQ’s website.


English, Literature, English and Literature Extension or English as an Additional Language (Units 3 and 4, C); No prior study

Additional entry requirements

To enrol in this program, you must have attended and satisfactorily completed at least 6 years of primary and secondary education taught and assessed solely in English. At least two years of this education must have been between grades 7 and 12. This education must have been completed in one of the following countries; Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America. If you have not met these educational requirements, you are required to provide evidence of an acceptable English Language test. For more information see English Language Proficiency.

Recommended study
General Mathematics; Biology, Chemistry or Physics.
ATAR/Selection Rank profile for those offered places wholly or partly on the basis of ATAR/Selection Rank for semester/trimester/term 1, 2021

For more information about the ATAR/Selection Rank profile, please visit ATAR/Selection Rank profile explained.

Highest Rank to receive an offer

Median Rank to receive an offer

Lowest Rank to receive an offer

ATAR/Selection Rank excluding adjustment factors




ATAR/Selection Rank including adjustment factors




Excluding: The lowest ATAR/Selection Rank to which an offer was made, excluding adjustment factors.
Including: The lowest ATAR/Selection Rank to which an offer was made including any adjustment factors that may have been applied.

Student Profile by Applicant background for semester/trimester/term 1, 2021

For more information about the Student profile, please visit Student profile explained.

Higher education study

Vocational Education and Training (VET) study

Work and life experience

Recent secondary education

Recent secondary education admitted solely on the basis of ATAR/Rank

Admitted where both ATAR/Rank and additional criteria were considered

Admitted on the basis of other criteria only and ATAR/Rank was not a factor

International students

All students

Number of students









Percentage of all students










* “<5" – the number of students is less than 5
# N/P – Not published: the number is hidden to prevent calculation of numbers in cells with less than 5 students

Career opportunities

Registered nurse, clinical nurse or nurse unit manager in public and private hospitals, community health, mental health, aged care, home health care, Indigenous health, occupational health, rural practice and overseas nursing.

Course Code
Start Date

Offer rounds
Level of Qualification
Bachelor degree
Study Area
Study Mode
Course Duration

3 years External or 6 years External

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