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With 44 years’ experience in tertiary admissions, QTAC is the leading service provider for universities, colleges, TAFEs and private educators throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania. 

This makes QTAC the perfect platform to build meaningful relationships with an extensive audience of active and inspiring individuals.

Advertising opportunities with QTAC

“Advertising through QTAC’s Guides and website has become a valuable part of our annual marketing mix. It enables us to speak to our target audience when it matters” – Jo Rees, Associate Director, CQUniversity Australia Marketing Directorate.

Reach a vast audience of university applicants

QTAC’s portfolio offers a range of sponsorship opportunities that harness the power of our trusted brand. 

These include both integrated online platforms and a suite of targeted print products. 

Our network provides a unique opportunity for our sponsors to build meaningful relationships with an extensive audience of active and aspiring individuals.

Every year, we connect with:

  • 73,500 applicants
  • 2 million course searches
  • 400,000 social media users
  • 500,000 unique website visitors

We can help find you a tailor-made advertising solution. If you are interested in multiple QTAC advertising opportunities, make sure you chat to us about our package deals. Email us for more information.

Our advertising guidelines ensure QTAC remains a trusted name in the tertiary sector.  All advertising must be relevant to a tertiary student and all courses must be accredited.  

Find our advertising Ts & Cs (PDF 29.2KB).

Download our rates card and booking form (PDF 2.1MB).

QTAC white label – Your brand, our systems

QTAC offers white label solutions that allow education providers to create their own tailored course entry processes using our trusted systems. 

Our services deliver safe, cost-effective and flexible admissions, and benefit from over 44 year’s industry knowledge and experience. 

Download our White Label brochure (PDF 2.4MB).


Last updated: 20 Aug 2019