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2022 QTAC Professional Workshops

We are excited to announce our 2022 Insights event is now open for you to book your professional development with QTAC.

These professional development workshops have been designed specifically for career advisors and education professionals seeking to equip themselves with the knowledge they need to better assist their senior student’s journey into tertiary study. 

Our two-day event is online for both days, with the exception of Friday where 30 places can be booked to attend QTAC in-person. Prices include access to post-event recordings. Tickets are a fixed $290 and do not include parking. Seats for in-person are limited so please ensure you can come. All tickets include the post-event recordings so there is no requirement for you to complete the booking form more than once or an individual’s registration.

 You will still have access to all content shared post-event Webinar Recordings from both day one and day two (a time delay will occur of 14 days or less before day two content, QTAC Insights: A comprehensive analysis, is published). 


Webinar Recordings


QTAC 101: know the basics

Thursday 14 July 2022, 9am- 1pm (online only)

If you are a new career advisor or work in the education industry and want to learn the fundamentals of QTAC, this workshop is for you. 

Delivered in a LIVE webinar format, while the staff engage in group and direct Q&A with you, flowing through our content in an orderly and helpful way. This session will enable you to learn how QTAC can help you, help your students.

Topics covered will include; What is QTAC, ATAR basics, how to Apply to tertiary study in Queensland and tertiary pathway options.

Cost: $290 – includes an edited recording of the session for your future reference. 


QTAC Insights: a comprehensive analysis

Friday 15 July 2022, 9 am – 2:30 pm (online or in-person)


Stay back for optional networking from 2:30 pm onwards 

For those familiar with the basics of QTAC and who are working with students intending to progress into tertiary study.  

This in-depth workshop provides broad industry insights into the following areas: 

  •  current tertiary education industry trends, transparency and higher education   drivers 
  •  analysis of year-on-year application data, statistics and patterns 
  •  2021 ATAR result findings 
  •  EAS – How to Help QTAC Help Your Students 
  •  practical tips for a successful application 
  •  an introduction to the new QTAC application 

You can choose to attend our QTAC Insights Workshop via a webinar or in-person at QTAC.

Bookings are essential, as limited tickets will be available for in-person attendees on FRIDAY only.

Cost: $290 – Lunch and light refreshments provided.

Guest presenters will include: 

Dr John Griffiths, QTAC Chief Executive Officer  – Welcome from the CEO               

Dr Clare McGrory, QTAC Statistician  – ATAR insights       

Dr Janet Buchan, QTAC Technical Advisor   – ATAR Verification, appeals and trends

James Garrett, QTAC Reporting Analyst – An update on changes coming to the School Portal    .

Dr James Halford, QTAC EAS Assessment Specialist  – EAS – How to Help QTAC Help Your Students

Marija Licina, QTAC Customer Experience Manager – Information  – Learn more about how our team is here to help you.

Lacrina Duran, QTAC Customer Experience Manager – Assessment -An insight into how the QTAC Assessment team assists your students to get an offer.

Jamie Williams, QTAC Community Engagement Coordinator  – An introduction to the new QTAC application.

We hope you can attend our 2022 Insights workshop, and we look forward to engaging with you again in the upcoming 2023 admissions year


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ATAR Report Webinar Booking Form

This free Webinar (via Zoom) will provide an overview of the 2021 ATAR Report and scaling to assist school leaders, guidance officers and teachers in understanding the ATAR Report and to be able to answer questions from students, staff and parents.

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