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QTAC Pre-Recorded Presentations with Real-Time Q&A

Pre-Recorded Booking

This year, we are adopting your feedback with the introduction of QTAC Pre-Recorded Presentations with a Real-Time Q&A.   

We can’t always meet demand, especially in July when schools need us most and we are juggling multiple University open days and career expos. That is why, for the duration of our busiest time of year, we are launching QTAC Pre-Recorded Presentations with a Real-Time Q&A. These pre-recorded presentation videos can be watched at your own leisure, in multiple classrooms, or with multiple cohorts and school groups and when you need it.    

We understand that sometimes you have specific questions or need further clarification after watching a QTAC presentation. That’s why we’re introducing Live Q&A Friday’s as part of our QTAC Pre-Recorded Presentations. We are opening our events calendars for live Q&A bookings of 30min intervals. With our Live Q&A support, you can connect with our experts directly and get your queries addressed in real time. We make it easy for you to participate by hosting the sessions via TEAMS, enabling for multiple users to log on.    

QTAC recommends booking your allocated live Q+A directly after a group-viewing of the recorded presentation.

Our presentations, ‘How to Apply’ and ‘Understanding the ATAR’ are now available in a pre-recorded version and live Q+A.

Bookings & Payment

Pre-Recorded + 30min live Q&A: $295.45 + GST for a total of $325

How to Apply 

Duration: 15mins

Do your students need to know where to start when applying to tertiary education? Look
no further! 
Our QTAC Presenter will start by introducing you to who we are and what we do, followed by admission criteria, and an overview of the ATAR. You’ll also learn about preferencing and responding to offers, and our QTAC Presenter will explain how adjustment schemes like EAS may assist your QTAC application. 

Looking for more information on specific courses? Our QTAC Presenter will show you how to find course information and provide you with key dates to keep in mind. And if you need additional help along the way, we have a range of helpful resources and our contact information readily available. 

Don’t let the application process be a source of stress. Let your QTAC Presenter guide you through the process step-by-step, so you can focus on preparing for the next exciting chapter of your academic journey. 

Understanding the ATAR

Duration: 30mins

Are you curious about the ATAR and other pathways into tertiary education? Our ATAR presentation has got you covered. 

Our QTAC Presenter will start by breaking down the terminology you need to know, so you can understand the QCE system and what’s expected of you. Then your QTAC Presenter will give you an overview of the ATAR, including how it’s calculated and what it means for your future studies.

Your QTAC Presenter will cover subject prerequisites and VET qualifications, so you know what you need to achieve to pursue your dream career. 

Lastly, we’ll bust some myths and rumours that you may have heard about the ATAR.





Terms and Conditions:

The pre-recorded presentation video and its associated link will be deactivated two weeks after the live Q&A session.

Each booking includes one 30-minute Q&A session, you cannot book more than one Q&A session. 

This product is exclusively available during high demand periods to support the seamless delivery of our presentations where they are most needed.

Please be aware that the video provided cannot be downloaded or saved, and it is strictly prohibited to share it outside of the purchasing School. The content is specifically designed for the benefit of Schools, Parents, and Guardians of students attending those Schools.

This is an online event.

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ATAR Report Webinar Booking Form

This free Webinar (via Zoom) will provide an overview of the 2021 ATAR Report and scaling to assist school leaders, guidance officers and teachers in understanding the ATAR Report and to be able to answer questions from students, staff and parents.

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Webinar 4:
Thursday 24 March
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