There are so many ways to achieve your dreams.

While ATAR is the standard pathway into tertiary study, its not the only way.

Tertiary pathways are a personalised plan or guide, which can be tailored to an individual’s needs. Just like the individual, the journey can be very different and unique.

Meet Zoe.

Graduating Year 12 in 2020, Zoe was one of almost 2000 students who left secondary school without an ATAR. Passionate about the arts and always seen with her sketch book on hand, Zoe knew she wanted to pursue something fulfilling when she left school.

Describing herself as creative, organic and gifted, a younger Zoe would have said she wanted to be a fashion designer when she grew up. While at school, Zoe attended a careers expo where she learnt she could complete a Certificate III in Design Fundamentals during year 11 and 12. This meant she was able to study something she enjoyed and was good at, while still completing her Queensland Certificate of Education.

Knowing she would gain a minimum selection rank of 68 (from having completed her certificate III), Zoe was confident of her next steps toward tertiary study. This also meant Zoe was able to spend more time doing the things she loves, including playing video games, painting, reading and creating poster artwork.

“I felt very chill in Year 12, as I had a clear pathway”, Zoe said.

Completing her Certificate III prepared Zoe a smooth transition into a Diploma of Graphic Design. A year has passed since she left high school, Zoe has completed her Diploma and is looking forward to commencing a Bachelor degree in 2022.

“I feel happy and alive since leaving school as I am doing something I really enjoy”, she said.

Once completing her bachelor degree, Zoe plans on chasing her dream of becoming an Illustrator.

“Anyone can get where they want to be if they work hard enough. Just follow your passion”, Zoe said.


Zoe’s top 3 tips for the Class of 2022:

1 Look for other pathway options.

2 Do something everyday that pushes you out of your comfort zone and scares you.

3 Relax – take a break.

If you would like to check out Zoe’s artwork and follow her journey, you can see her on Instagram.

If you are looking for a pathway or needing some direction to get you where you want to be, check out our helpful pathways information here.