Living away from home

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Living away from home

Your child may need to live away from home to study if they’re from a regional or rural area, or because they want to be independent and experience student life outside of home.

For many, this will be their first time living away from home. Some will face new challenges—like having to cook, clean and buy groceries for themselves—but gain a sense of responsibility and satisfaction in return.


Many institutions offer on-campus accommodation and services to help students find suitable off-campus accommodation. Accommodation types include:

  • residential colleges
  • student villages
  • units
  • townhouses
  • apartments
  • share houses
  • homestay.

Accommodation may have private or shared amenities. It may be catered, and include meals, or be self-catered, requiring students to prepare their own meals.

Fees vary depending on the accommodation type. Visit institution websites for info on accommodation options and fees.

Living expenses and budgeting

Visit study costs for info on living expenses, budgeting and minimising costs.

Income support

The Department of Human Services offers income support to students who live away from home, such as relocation scholarships and fare allowances. Eligibility criteria apply. Visit the Department of Human Services website for info on these and other student payments.

Some institutions offer residential scholarships to students living on campus. Contact an institution for info on these and other scholarships.

Staying connected

Students living away from home may feel homesick or isolated. Encourage your child to maintain a support network while they're away by staying in touch with family and friends. Your child can also stay connected by:

  • making friends with fellow students
  • joining clubs and societies on campus
  • participating in sports and social events at their institution.

If your child is struggling with being away from home, they can get in touch with their institution's student support services. Student support services can provide students with resources and tips for maintaining their wellbeing while studying. Contact an institution for more info.


Page last updated: 29 Jul 2019