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Hints and tips

Hints for getting started

Your child may or may not have an idea of the path they want to take after school. 

The thought of choosing a course and career path can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if your child has multiple interests or simply doesn't know what they want to do.

Here are some hints and tips to start your child on their journey to tertiary study and beyond:

  • Talk with your child about their interests and skills. This may prompt them to think about possible career options.
  • Sit down together and read through the QTAC Guide to find out what courses are available.
  • Go through the QTAC application together – make a note of any important dates.
  • Attend career expos and institution open days with your child.
  • Explore a range of options and pathways with your child, rather than focusing on a single career path.
  • Help your child with their research – visit Choosing the right course and institution and Other resources for links to some useful websites.
  • Connect with us on social media for important news and updates.

Tips for adjusting to tertiary study

The transition from Year 12 to tertiary study can be both daunting and exciting, bringing with it new struggles and opportunities.

The Good Universities Guide has some excellent tips on adjusting to study and the differences between high school and tertiary study.


Page last updated: 29 Jul 2019