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Bachelor of Human Services (Child and Family Practice) -
University of Southern Queensland - Ipswich

Course outline

Studying this program gives students the knowledge to fulfill their passion for people and gain insight into the key issues facing the welfare sector. Students develop global perspectives on social justice and human rights as well as a solid understanding of the environmental, economic, and social contexts impacting individuals and communities. For more program information, visit Bachelor of Human Services at UniSQ.


The Bachelor of Human Services (Child and Family Practice) is offered in on-campus (Ipswich and Toowoomba) and external modes. Students enrolled at the Toowoomba campus will need to undertake inter-campus travel or online study to complete additional core and elective courses.

Other requirements

Students must obtain a Blue Card and Australian Federal Police Criminal History Check Certificate; refer to institution. Mandatory residential schools and 420 hours of supervised professional placements are undertaken as part of this program.

Admissions Criteria

For additional information about the admissions criteria for the University of Southern Queensland and for this course, refer to UniSQ’s website.

Assumed knowledge

English (Units 3 and 4, C)

Minimum Selection thresholds (ATAR/Selection Rank) for semester/trimester/term 1, 2023
ATAR/Selection Rank profile for those offered places wholly or partly on the basis of ATAR/Selection Rank for semester/trimester/term 1, 2023

For more information about the ATAR/Selection Rank profile, please visit ATAR/Selection Rank profile explained.

Excluding: The lowest ATAR/Selection Rank to which an offer was made, excluding adjustment factors.
Including: The lowest ATAR/Selection Rank to which an offer was made including any adjustment factors that may have been applied.

Student Profile by Applicant background for semester/trimester/term 1, 2023

For more information about the Student profile, please visit Student profile explained.


Contact the institution for information.

Career opportunities

Community and government organisations as community development worker, counsellor, welfare worker, support worker, case manager, child support officer.


The Bachelor of Human Services (Child and Family Practice) is accredited by the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA). Graduates of this Program are eligible to apply for ACWA membership.

Course Code
Start Date

Offer rounds

15 Jan 2024
24 Apr 2024

Level of Qualification
Bachelor degree
Study Area
Humanities and social sciences
Study Mode
Full time, Part time
Course Duration

3 years Full time or 7 years Part time

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