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QTAC is pleased to introduce My Path! 

The first of its kind, My Path is an innovative tool that helps Year 10 students choose their senior subjects, determine their ATAR eligibility and check whether their senior subject selection will meet prerequisites for courses they may want to pursue after Year 12. 

My Path enables access to the most up-to-date tertiary prerequisite information available.


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If you are aiming for an ATAR for tertiary study entry, Queensland universities have decided that the following rules will apply.

  1. Only General English subjects or Applied English subjects can be included in the ATAR, but not both
  2. Only General Maths subjects or Applied Maths subjects can be included in the ATAR, but not both
  3. Only one type of language subject can be included in the ATAR – either General or Senior External Examination, but not both

Your school may allow you to study several English, Maths and language subjects and that’s fine, but make sure you discuss the rules with your Year Coordinator or Careers Advisors so you understand what will count towards your ATAR – and what won’t.

My Path will check for the correct English subject and other four subjects for your ATAR, and if we see anything weird in your study plan, we will contact your school to sort it out.

Good luck! The My Path team. 

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White paper

Download the white paper My Path: the rationale behind the results (PDF 64.2MB).

Tertiary prerequisites

For reference, below is tertiary prerequisite information by institution. These documents include details on prerequisites, assumed knowledge and recommended study for courses starting 2021.

Australian Catholic University prerequisite information (PDF 183.1KB)

Australian Maritime College prerequisite information (PDF 107.1KB)

Bond University prerequisite information (PDF 85.8KB)

Christian Heritage College prerequisite information (PDF 124.7KB)

Central Queensland University prerequisite information (PDF 156.5KB)

Griffith College prerequisite information (PDF 119.4KB)

Griffith University prerequisite information (PDF 150.2KB)

James Cook University prerequisite information (PDF 136.5KB)

Queensland University of Technology prerequisite information (PDF 108.8KB)

SAE Creative Media Institute prerequisite information (PDF 96.5KB)

Southern Cross University prerequisite information (PDF 127.3KB)

University of New England prerequisite information (PDF 114.5KB)

TAFE Queensland prerequisite information (PDF 136.5KB)

The University of Queensland prerequisite information (PDF 175KB)

University of Southern Queensland prerequisite information (PDF 127.2KB)

University of the Sunshine Coast prerequisite information (PDF 123.8KB)


Page last updated 16 Apr 2018