Technical requirements

Technical requirements

We recommend the computer settings and software below. 

Others may work but not all combinations have been tested.

While you can lodge an application with a tablet device, QTAC's Application Services is not compatible with mobile phones.

How to add an email address to your safe senders list


  • Step 1 Open the email.
  • Step 2 Click on More Options in the upper right hand corner of the message.
  • Step 3 Click on Add Sender to Contacts List in the header of the email.
  • Step 4 A confirmation message will be displayed above the email.

Mac Mail

  • Step 1 Open the email.
  • Step 2 Right-click the sender's email address.
  • Step 3 Click Add to contacts in the short-cut menu.
  • Step 4 Click Save and close.

Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013

  • Step 1 Click on a message from the sender.
  • Step 2 On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Junk.
  • Step 3 Click Never Block Sender.

Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Step 1 Click the Address book button.
  • Step 2 Make sure the Personal Address Book is highlighted.
  • Step 3 Click the New Card button.
  • Step 4 Under the Contact tab, copy and paste our address and click Ok.

MSN Hotmail (Classic)

  • Step 1 Open the email.
  • Step 2 Click Save Address in the menu bar.
  • Step 3 Verify that our contact information is correct
  • Step 3 Click OK on the next screen.

Window Live Hotmail

  • Adding to the Address Book doesn't automatically add you to the Safe Sender list; you must mark the sender as Safe.
  • Step 1 Open the email.
  • Step 2 Click on the Mark as Safe link.

Yahoo! Mail

  • Step 1 Open the email.
  • Step 2 Select the Add to Address Book link.
  • Step 3 Enter the email address of the contact and click on Save Contact.

Monitor screen resolution

The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768.

Web browser

QTAC recommends the latest version of the following web browsers for its Application Services.

For Windows

For Mac users

For iPad users

  • Safari, or
  • Chrome

For Android users

  • Chrome

Browser settings

  • TLS 1.2 Enabled
  • SSL Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled
  • Javascript enabled


Page last updated: 10 Jul 2018