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White papers

Transforming Queensland Education: Why we need to move our focus from careers to capabilities (PDF 1.1MB).

Reinventing Tertiary Admissions Centres: QTAC's evolution from selection to recruitment (PDF 413.6KB).

Inter-subject Scaling: An Introduction (PDF 3.3MB).

2019 QTAC Guide to Further Study

The 2019 QTAC Guide to Further Study has been distributed to schools.

While a valuable tool for all applicants, the Guide's focus is on information relevant to Queensland Year 12 students.

Schools can order additional copies of the Guide using the Publications Order Form (PDF 130.7KB).

Non-Year 12 applicants can find more information on tertiary study here.

Parents of Year 12s can find important information here.

Year 10 Guide

My Path has replaced the Year 10 Guide as a tool to help students choose their Senior subjects, determine their ATAR eligibility and check whether their Senior subject selection will meet prerequisites for courses they may want to pursue after Year 12. 

Visit the My Path page for more information.



Page last updated: 03 Sep 2018