Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws
James Cook University - Cairns

Course outline

This course allows students to pursue qualifications in the legal field combined with a science major. The course has a strong focus on professional relevance, practical skills and authentic experiences, such as clinical legal placements, advocacy and industry project work, and allows students to gain an appreciation of the role of law in social, economic, environmental and political sustainability contexts. Students learn the significance of the law in ensuring stable government, economic prosperity, and the protection and preservation of individual and cultural rights and the environment. Accredited by the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board and Chief Justice.
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Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws at JCU.


Some majors require attendance at block mode subjects at either Townsville or Cairns. Students may be required to attend block mode classes at a campus other than where they are enrolled, at their own expense.


Refer to Bachelor of Science. Not all majors are available at both campuses or for mid-year entry.

Admissions Criteria

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English, Literature, English and Literature Extension or English as an Additional Language (Units 3 and 4, C); Mathematical Methods (Units 3 and 4, C); Completion of Year 12 or attained age 18 years

Recommended study
Students considering the chemistry or molecular and cell biology majors will require Chemistry (Units 3 and 4, C) or equivalent.
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Student Profile by Applicant background for semester/trimester/term 1, 2022

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Career opportunities

Bioethics, intellectual property, copyright and patent law, climate change, conservation and sustainability, science and national security policy.

Course Code
Start Date

Offer rounds
CSP/$11250 (1st year contribution)
Level of Qualification
Bachelor degree
Study Area
Law, Sciences
Study Mode
Full time, Part time
Course Duration

5 years Full time or 10 years Part time

Cairns & Far North Queensland