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Wednesday 25 February (10am) respond to 19 February offers
Thursday 26 February - (2pm) final offer round for Semester 1 courses
Wednesday 4 March (10am) - respond to 26 February offers
Thursday 12 March - early offers made for some Semester 2 courses
Thursday 19 March - respond to 12 March offers
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Offers released on 5 February

Check Remaining Course Vacancies to see what courses are still available for Semester 1. There will be more offers made on 12, 19 and 26 February 2015. Remember to check regularly as information may change.


Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre

QTAC takes applications for most undergraduate courses at Queensland universities, Medicine at Bond University, the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania, and some courses at universities in Northern NSW, TAFE Queensland and some private providers. See Institutions for details of universities with QTAC admissions. QTAC also lists courses for institutions that manage their own admissions.



Further offers for Semester 1 courses

Check Remaining Course Vacancies to see what courses were available and when courses start.

The last day to apply for Semester 1 courses was 19 February and the final offer round is 26 February at 2pm.

Applying for Semester 2 courses

If you have already applied to QTAC and want to apply for Semester 2 courses, you simply change the preferences on your current application, you don't submit a new application.


The major offer round for most Semester 2 courses is 4 June 2015.  If you are submitting documentation or lodging an application for the first time, the due date is 22 May 2015. Use Course Search to see which courses are on offer for Semester 2. You can also check Fixed Closing Dates for courses that may have further entry requirements or earlier closing dates.


Didn't get an offer?

If you didn't get an offer or didn't get an offer in one of your higher preferences, it may be for one of the following reasons;

  • your OP/rank did not meet the cut-off
  • you did not satisfy the prerequisites or other requirements such as an audition or portfolio
  • you may have ordered your preferences incorrectly (Semester 2 above Semester 1 courses)
  • you applied after the due date to be considered for the February offer round
  • required documentation was not submitted or was not correct

Check Current Applicant online services to see if you were satisfying all the requirements for entry or submitted any required documentation.

You can also contact us and we will help you understand why you were not made an offer and options available to you now for future offer rounds.

Computer settings  

You need to have certain technical requirements on your computer to apply. 
The application should only take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You should use a desktop or laptop computer to apply as
mobile devices such as your mobile phone or tablet are not compatible.

You can check your computer settings before starting your application for information on recommended browsers and system requirements.

If you are a Mac user, it is recommended that you use either Safari or Firefox as your internet browser as Google Chrome is not compatible. Some Mac users may experience windows not displaying correctly. If you click in the window, it should refresh the page and display correctly.


Free QTAC App available!

  • Get the latest course details
  • Find out key dates and add them to your calendar
  • Search for courses
  • Add your favourite courses to My Courses






Educational Access Scheme (EAS) helps applicants who have experienced difficult circumstances while studying to gain entry to university.

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