How can I change my preferences?


Change your preferences via Application Services.

NOTE: Do not save your preferences until you are sure they are exactly as you want them. The first three times you click the 'save' button are free, but each time after this, you will be charged a changing of preferences fee.

Why can't I change my preferences?

There are two instances in which you can't change your preferences:

1. When the change of preference service is turned off

The change of preference service is turned off prior to an offer round, while we prepare to make offers. It's available again once the offers are made. 

For the 16 January offer round, the change of preference service will be turned off on 9 January at 10am. 

2. When you have the wrong computer settings

Currently, you can’t change preferences on a smart phone; you can use a desktop or laptop PC or Mac, or a tablet device. 

Visit Technical Requirements for more information.

How many courses can I apply for?

You can apply for up to six courses at a time. Listing six preferences helps maximise your chances of getting an offer.

What must I consider when selecting and ordering preferences?

Can I apply for different courses starting in different semesters?

Yes, you can apply for different courses starting in three different semesters on the one application.

NOTE: Year 12 students cannot apply for semester 3 courses.

Can I list the same preference starting in different semesters?

Yes, you can apply for the same course starting in different semesters eg semester 1 and semester 2, 2017. However this will be considered as two preferences.

NOTE: While you can list courses for different semesters, you will maximise your chances of receiving an offer for semester 1 if you only list semester 1 start courses in the first instance. 

How should I order my preferences?

How you order your preferences depends on whether you are doing so before or after receiving an offer. 

Before an offer

Ordering your preferences before you receive an offer is a two-step process:

Step 1:   List the courses you want to apply for in the order of 'desired - back-up - pathway' courses  (PDF 18KB)

Step 2Make sure your preferences are in the order of major offer round date (PDF 24.6KB)

Print and complete the preference plan (PDF 245.7KB) to ensure you order your preferences correctly.

After an offer

Refer to the offers page to find out how to order your preferences after you have received an offer. 


Page last updated: 17 Jun 2016