Web Frequently Asked Questions

After I click 'Yes' on the Applicant Declaration page, my browser stalls or gives me an error message.  What should I do?

This sort of problem indicates that you may be using an Internet browser that does not support the online application which is a Java applet.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you should be using version 6 or higher.  If you are using Firefox, you should be using version 2 or higher.  If you are using an earlier version you will need to download the newer version as the services can only be supported by the most up to date software.  To see which version you are using, click on help and then check the name of browser.

Although downloading is free of charge it may take up to one hour.  If you are having problems downloading you should contact Microsoft, as these problems are not related to our site.  If you are on a network you may not have the permission to download from the Internet.  In this case you will need to contact your system administrator to see if you can get your browser updated.  Otherwise, you will need to use another computer.

If you are sure that you are using the correct browser version, then the problem may be that your browser may not be Java enabled.  If this is the case you may receive an error message on the screen like "Your browser needs to be Java enabled".  You may be able to verify that your browser is Java enabled by checking your browser settings. 

When I try accessing Current Applicant Online Services, I get a message saying "Your computer has a pop-up blocker". What should I do?

This message indicates you may be running a program such as 'AdZapper' or 'Pop-up killer' to block pop-up messages.  These programs may prevent you from using QTAC's Online Services.  You need to temporarily disable the program in order to access QTAC's Online Services.  Please go see the instructions available on each browser's website on how to disable them.

I received a pop-up message saying "You do not have Java enabled".  What should I do?

The compliance test may indicate that Java is enabled, however, this test is reliant on the Internet browser reporting whether or not Java is installed and enabled.  In some cases this is not correctly reported.  Applicants may still be required to complete the steps to download, install and enable Java in order to access the online application. 

What should I do if I can't get the cover sheets to print?

Generally this is not a problem with the application service but merely a problem with your printer set up.  You can print your cover sheets via Current Applicant online service.  If unable to print, you should send a cover letter explaining what documentation you have attached when sending in documentation.

The system crashed while I was in the middle of my application.  What should I do?

If you were completing a TTT application, you can return to your application by logging in with your Year 12 Student Number and PIN.  Information that you previously entered will have been saved.

If you were completing an ABW application, you can return to your application by logging in with your QTAC Application Number and PIN, which were provided after you completed your personal details.  Information that you previously entered will have been saved.  If you do not have a record of your Application Number and PIN for your partially completed application, you can start your application again from the beginning. Alternatively, you can contact QTAC Information Services who will provide you with your application number allowing you to re-enter and lodge your application.

I've completed the first screen but I can't move on.  I can't see the continue button.  What should I do?

Different size browsers mean that you may not be able to see the continue button at the bottom of the screen, in which case you will have a scroll bar you can use to scroll down and across to it.  You need to scroll to click on the continue button.  By clicking on this you are able to move to the next screen.  

Sometimes the settings may cause the window to be too large for the screen, so you may not have a scroll bar or may not be able to see the continue button.  To view the full application you may need to change the size of the screen.

Some other reasons which may account for this issue are:

  1. your screen resolution is set at less than 1024 x 768, in which case you would have been told that when you failed the compliance test that appears after the applicant declaration.  The solution is to set the screen resolution to 1024 x 768.
  2. your computer is running a non English version of Windows which is pushing the buttons/fields out of sight - the solution is to use a computer running an English version of windows
  3. you are running a larger font set eg 120% of normal - right click on desktop, properties, settings, advanced, general and set the font size to 100%.

The system started to download the service and then it said, "Can't establish connection to the database".  What should I do?

This means that the database is currently unavailable at QTAC, therefore you should try again later.

I keep getting a message saying, "Page cannot be displayed".  What should I do?

This may mean that you do not have SSL enabled. Please access the instructions on how to enable SSL.

I completed a qualifications screen and now I want to go back to change the details but it won't let me go back to change it.  What should I do?

You will first have to complete all the qualifications screens and you will then be able to go back and change the details you entered earlier on the qualifications screen.  At the end of the application you will also be given the option to review and change your details before you lodge your application.

Why isn't my QTAC application number/PIN working?

Your QTAC application number is a nine-digit reference number that is provided to you when you apply to QTAC.  A QTAC application number is specific to the admissions period.  This is the number that provides access to QTAC online services.

Please access Personal Details for information on how to find out your QTAC application number or PIN.

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