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What is deferment?
Deferment enables students who have just gained entry to a tertiary course, but who have not yet enrolled, to delay starting the course.

How long can I defer for?
Deferment is usually for one year, but there are exceptions. Refer to the institution policies below for more information.

Do all institutions allow deferment?
No. Applicants wanting to defer their offer should contact the specific institution’s admissions office for their policies on deferment.

How do I defer an offer?
If the institution you have received a QTAC offer from allows deferment, you can usually defer by selecting the ‘defer’ option when responding to the offer through QTAC. (The exception is CQUniversity Australia, refer below for details.) After you defer your offer, you will receive a letter from the institution advising you of any further action required.

Is deferment different to a leave of absence?
Yes. Students who are enrolled at a tertiary institution and want to stop studying for a period of time must apply to the institution for a leave of absence. Students should refer to the institution’s handbook or contact their enrolment office to obtain information about an institution’s leave of absence policy.

Institution Deferment Policies - 2014/2015 Admissions

Australian Catholic University – 1300 Ask ACU (1300 275 228)

Applicants offered an undergraduate place can defer commencement of their course for up to two years. Deferment is not available for postgraduate courses.

Australian Maritime College – 1300 363 864
Applicants offered an undergraduate place may apply to defer their study. Deferment will only be granted to students who meet one of the following criteria: Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of at least 75, or a completed International Baccalaureate Diploma with a score of at least 26, or a university Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 5. For more information on deferment contact the Student Centre on 1300 363 864. Applicants do not need to re-apply through QTAC for their deferred place unless wanting to apply for other QTAC preferences.

Bond University – 1800 074 074 (Freecall)
Bond University does not grant deferment for the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery – undergraduate or graduate entry.

Christian Heritage College – (07) 3347 7900
With the exception of the Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), applicants offered a place for February 2015 can automatically defer their studies for six to 12 months. Applicants offered a place commencing mid-year may be able to defer their studies. Contact Christian Heritage College to confirm requirements.

CQUniversity Australia – 13CQUni (132 786)
Deferment is available for most courses. Successful applicants must select ‘accept’ when responding to their offers through QTAC and CQUniversity’s student system. Deferment is not available for the following courses: Associate Degree of Information Technology; Bachelor of Information Technology (Co-op); Bachelor of Information Technology; Bachelor of Music (Specialisation); Bachelor of Paramedic Science (Prehospital Care); Bachelor of Theatre (Specialisation); Diploma of Information Technology; Diploma of Music (external). Contact CQUni for more information.

Griffith University – 1800 677 728 (Freecall)
Most applicants offered an undergraduate place for 2015 may defer their study until 2016 (this includes semester 2 offers which can be deferred for six months). The exceptions are for programs where specific admission requirements apply (such as Queensland Conservatorium programs, Bachelor of Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art, and Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science). More information is available on the Griffith University website. For Bachelor of Education - Primary, Bachelor of Education - Secondary, Bachelor of Education - Special Education, Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science and Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science/Bachelor of Business, applicants may choose deferment as their response option but, due to prerequisite/program changes in 2016, must then also request approval directly from Griffith University. Please call 1800 677 728 for information.

James Cook University – 1800 246 446 (Freecall)
Successful applicants can defer the start of their course for a maximum of 12 months (longer deferment may be considered in exceptional circumstances). For all bachelor-level Education programs, successful applicants wanting to defer these programs must request approval from the institution (this does not include Bachelor of Education Professional Development).

Queensland Institute of Business and Technology – (07) 3735 6900
Applicants who are offered a place at Queensland Institute of Business and Technology in 2014/2015 may apply to defer their studies until 2015/2016.

Queensland University of Technology – (07) 3138 2000
Queensland University of Technology allows domestic applicants to defer their offer for one year for most courses. The exceptions are courses with additional entry requirements eg auditions, portfolios, interviews, questionnaires or with future entry requirement changes. Applicants may be eligible for a further 12 month extension under special circumstances. For more information about deferment please visit www.qut.edu.au/deferment and visit www.qut.edu.au/study to find out if deferment is an option for any particular course.

SAE Creative Media Institute – 1800 723 338 (Freecall)
Successful applicants can defer commencement of their course for up to 12 months.

Southern Cross University – 1800 626 481 (Freecall)
Successful applicants must select ‘defer’ when responding to their offers through QTAC, and also apply to defer course commencement with Southern Cross University directly. Please note that deferment is not automatically granted and is subject to final approval by the University.

TAFE Queensland – contact TAFE’s Tertiary Placement and Performance Unit (07) 3055 2663
Deferment is not permitted for TAFE Queensland programs offered through QTAC. In exceptional circumstances such as injury or ill health, an application for leave of absence may be made to the Institute Director. Only in exceptional circumstances will a leave of absence be granted after the commencement of classes.

The University of Queensland – (07) 3365 2203
Deferment is available for up to two years to students who are offered a Commonwealth supported place at the beginning of the year. To request deferment, applicants must respond to their QTAC offer using the deferment option by the offer response date. Deferment is automatically approved and The University of Queensland (UQ) sends written notification in October advising deferred students of the enrolment process. Deferment is not available for Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education (Secondary). Deferments are also not available for students who are offered a place for second semester. Requests to postpone commencement until semester 2 should be referred to the relevant faculty office. If the program is discontinued by UQ during the deferment period, applicants are unable to commence studies in their deferred program and are advised of other study options at UQ but may be required to apply through QTAC. An approved deferment is rescinded if an applicant undertakes any tertiary studies at a bachelor level or higher during the period of deferment or fails to complete their enrolment by the date specified by UQ.

University of New England – 1800 818 865 (Freecall)
Successful applicants can apply to defer their enrolment for up to two years except for agrifood system courses.

University of Southern Queensland – 1800 269 500 (Freecall)
Deferment is available for undergraduate students for up to two years except programs in which permitting deferment would interfere with the learning outcomes.

University of the Sunshine Coast – (07) 5430 2890
Applicants offered an undergraduate or Tertiary Preparation Pathway place can defer commencement of their program for up to two years. Deferment is not available for postgraduate programs.


This information last updated 14 October 2014


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