Special Admissions Schemes

The following special admissions schemes can assist some applicants to gain entry to certain tertiary courses.

Educational Access Scheme (EAS)

QTAC's Educational Access Scheme is for current and former students who have experienced difficult circumstances that have adversely impacted on their studies.

These circumstances may relate to:

  • financial hardship;
  • home environment and responsibilities;
  • English language difficulties;
  • personal illness and disability;
  • educational disruption

Depending on your situation, institutions may add bonuses to your rank/OP to increase the competitiveness of your tertiary study application.

You can apply for EAS as part of your QTAC application. For more information, please see Educational Access Scheme.

Access and Equity Schemes

In addition to EAS some institutions offer other access and equity schemes. Institutions may offer assistance not detailed online and you should contact the institution directly to determine whether additional assistance is available. For more information, see Access and Equity Schemes.

Year 12 Bonus Rank Schemes

Some institutions have schemes where Year 12 applicants receive bonus ranks if they have passed specific subjects at school (eg Maths C, a language other than English) or undertaken tertiary level subjects. For more information, see Year 12 Bonus Schemes.

Regional Preference schemes

Some institutions will offer some preference in the allocation of places if you live in the local area. See Regional Preference Schemes to view details.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander admissions

Most tertiary institutions participating through QTAC run programs to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in gaining access to tertiary study. See Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander admissions for details of schemes available.

Other Admissions Schemes

See other special admission schemes.




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