Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) is a two-hour aptitude test that assists applicants in demonstrating their potential for tertiary study and helps tertiary institutions in making their selection decisions.  The test is widely accepted and used by most tertiary institutions in Queensland and many others throughout Australia.

A STAT result may improve your changes of selection. You can sit the test once per STAT year. The current year is 15 April 2013 to 14 April 2014.

If you have sat the test more than once, your highest results will be used in assessing your QTAC application. For more information about the STAT refer to STAT.

Registering for the STAT


QTAC administers the STAT in Queensland.  If you apply for tertiary study in Queensland you simply nominate to sit the STAT on your QTAC Application. 

A few days before your test, you will receive a letter or email confirming the time and location of your test.  You should bring this letter/email along with the identification requested to the STAT sitting. You can also view this letter via Electronic Correspondence in Current Applicant online Services.

Non Applicants

If you wish to sit STAT for employment

purposes or for a future QTAC application, please nominate via the online service.

Alternatively, you can contact QTAC Information Services on 1300 GO QTAC (1300 467 822).   Please read QTAC's Refund Policy before making any payment. If you are not a QTAC applicant, you will receive a letter confirming the time and location of the test. You should bring this letter/email along with the identification requested to the STAT sitting. 

Candidate Information Booklet - free download

Candidates access the Candidate Information Booklet online which includes sample test questions.

To download the free booklet from the ACER website, click here.

Candidates who are unable to access the Candidate Information Booklet online can contact QTAC Information Services for further information.

STAT dates

QTAC administers sittings for the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) at the QTAC Milton office as well as other venues throughout Queensland.

STAT Workshops

QTAC has workshops to help you prepare for your STAT so you can get the best possible results. Check PCA and STAT Workshops for dates or phone (07) 3858 1298 for more information.

Frequently asked questions

I want to sit the STAT interstate/overseas, how do I register?

QTAC does not organise interstate or overseas sittings. You can organise to sit STAT in NSW/ACT, SA/NT, VIC or WA through the relevant interstate admissions centre. Candidates in Tasmania and Albury/Wodonga should contact VTAC. Refer to Interstate Admissions for contact details of the interstate admissions centre.

If you wish to sit for STAT overseas you must contact ACER. The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) manages sittings in 38 centres around the world. 

I cannot attend any of the sittings at QTAC or the external venues in Queensland, what can I do?

If you are unable to attend one of QTAC's standard sittings, you can organise to sit an individual STAT sitting at an agreed venue.  The supervisor must have experience in the education sector and be familiar with the administration of standardised tests. You will be liable for any other costs associated with the test (e.g. room hire, supervisor time and mailing materials back to QTAC).  Payment for these other costs needs to be made to the relevant venue provider.  QTAC needs to have at least two weeks notice of the exam date in order to confirm the details and to mail out materials. 

I require assistance to sit the STAT due to a disability/medical condition, what should I do?

If you require assistance to sit the STAT due to a disability or medical condition, you should answer the question regarding assistance in the online STAT registration or in your QTAC application. You should supply QTAC with a statement setting out your needs and attach medical evidence if appropriate. The STAT co-ordinator will contact you to determine your needs. QTAC will make every effort to assist the candidate, but cannot do so unless advised. Where necessary individual sittings can be arranged to accommodate the candidate's individual needs.

I have booked and paid for my STAT sitting but now wish to do the examination at another time, what should I do?

If you have booked and paid for your STAT sitting but now wish to sit at another venue or different time, you will be required to pay a Change of STAT Sitting fee to QTAC. Please contact QTAC on 1300 GO QTAC (1300 467 822) to advise which sitting you now wish to attend and to make payment. You must make payment to be allocated to another sitting.

It is important to note that if you do not advise QTAC before your sitting date that you wish to attend another venue/time you will be required to pay another STAT fee unless there are extenuating circumstances.

When will I receive my STAT results?

STAT test papers are marked by ACER in Melbourne and then returned to QTAC usually within two weeks of your test sitting. Once received, QTAC will attach your results to your QTAC application (if you are a current applicant) and upload your results into the national database. QTAC will also send you a written statement of your results.

How can I pay for my STAT examination?

If you are registering online via your QTAC application or the Non-Applicant STAT online registration, you can choose to pay by either credit card or BPAY. Please ensure the correct QTAC reference number is used when making payment, this number is located on your BPAY advice slip and allow up to five working days for payment to be received. If you select BPAY as your payment method, you will not be allocated to your chosen STAT sitting until payment is received in full at QTAC.

What do I need to bring to my STAT examination?

If you are sitting the STAT, bring the following  -

  • photo identification such as passport, Australian driver's licence, photographic proof of age card. The identification document must be current and contain your name, date of birth, a recent photograph and your signature.
  • 2 x 2B pencils and an eraser

If you do not present identification as specified above, you will not be admitted to the sitting.


I am applying interstate and need to sit the STAT written English, can QTAC arrange this for me?

If you are required to sit the STAT Written English for your interstate application, please contact QTAC on 1300 GO QTAC (1300 467 822) for more information.




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