QTAC can obtain most Australian Year 12 and tertiary results directly from the education provider.  See the Institution List for institutions and years from which QTAC can access results. All other required documents will need to be submitted to QTAC.

Documentation should be submitted as soon as possible. For offer round information and due dates to submit documentation, please see Key Dates.

Documentation guidelines

If required to supply documents:

  • send copies only - original documents will not be returned
  • check your copies are clear and easy to read
  • send documents to QTAC before due dates
  • always attach the correct cover sheet to each document
  • avoid delays in your application processing and attracting additional fees because of incomplete, late or unobtainable documents
  • documents should be mailed or delivered to QTAC in person
  • documents that are emailed or faxed to QTAC will not be accepted
  • any documents you submit become the property of QTAC and will not be returned
  • documents lodged with QTAC in previous years have not been retained and need to be resubmitted
  • in all cases QTAC reserves the right to sight an original document
  • results printed from websites are not official transcripts and are not accepted
  • documents must be in English or with English translations (ie qualifications in a foreign language must have a complete official translation in English)
  • you may be required to have your official results sent directly to QTAC from your educational institution or authorise your educational institution to release your official results to QTAC
  • if your documentation contains false, incorrect or misleading information, QTAC may cancel your application, any fees paid may not be refunded and you may be excluded from applying to QTAC for a period of up to two years. Please see the Applicant Declaration for more information.

Cover Sheets

Each document sent to QTAC in support of your application must have its cover sheet attached. Cover sheets will generate at the end of the online application for all the documentation you need to submit. You can print your cover sheets at the end of the application or after your application is lodged via the Current Applicant online service.

Document tracking

After applying, you can access the Current Applicant online service to track your documentation for your qualifications.

Through 'My Qualifications' in the Current Applicant online service, you can find out if:

  • you need to submit documentation for a qualification or if QTAC can obtain these on your behalf
  • QTAC has received your documentation
  • your qualifications are assessable for tertiary entrance

Documentation Fees

A fee will be charged every time QTAC contacts you to request further documentation, ie if the documents provided were insufficient.

If you owe institutional fees your results may be withheld from QTAC by the institution . Where tertiary results are withheld from QTAC due to institutional fees, the documentation fee will apply.


If you have to supply documents for the following qualifications because QTAC cannot obtain the results (see the Institution list for details), see the following for details on what is required;

  • Secondary Studies - a copy of your certificate of results showing all subjects undertaken, results achieved (including failures), and proof of award/completion of your Senior/Year 12 or equivalent certification.

  • Bridging and Preparatory Studies - a copy of your academic record showing all subjects undertaken, results (including failures), a key to the grading system, name of the award and proof of award/completion if applicable.

  • Tertiary studies - a copy of your academic record showing all subjects undertaken, results (including failures), a key to the grading system, name of the award and proof of award/completion if applicable. If you were ever excluded, refused further enrolment or place on academic probation, you should provide a statement to QTAC giving reasons why you believe you can now study successfully.  Some institutions may take this into account when assessing your application.
  • Certificate, Advanced Certificate or other studies - a copy of your academic record showing all subjects undertaken, results (including failures), a key to the grading system, name of the award and proof of award/completion if applicable.
  • Trade and Traineeships achieved since 1995 - a copy of an academic record showing all subjects undertaken, results (including failures),a key to the grading system and proof of award/completion of your AQF qualification (e.g. Certificate III) from your Registered Training provider.

If you have listed the following qualifications/tests on your application, you must document them with the following;

  • STAT - if prior to 1996 and not administered by QTAC, a copy of your official statement of test results
  • English Language proficiency Tests - a copy of your official statement of test results or other evidence of English Language ability (e.g. substantial work experience in an English speaking country. Refer to Employment on how to document this. You should also provide a letter detailing why you should be exempt from providing documentary evidence.
  • Trades and Traineeships 
    Qualifications achieved prior to 1995 (prior to the implementation of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) - a copy of your Trade/Traineeship completion certificate from the relevant government or issuing body, such as Training and Employment Queensland. 
    NOTE: A TAFE Statement of Attainment is insufficient to document a completed trade or traineeship.

  • Other Post-secondary, Professional Qualifications and Professional Service
    You will need to provide a copy of the documentation of the qualifications below -
    Health care qualifications - registered and enrolled nurse, dental therapist or assistant, veterinary nurse training;
    Police, Fire, Merchant Marine, Civil Aviation and Defence force ranks;
    Creative Arts qualifications in music, dance, speech and drama; (for creative arts qualifications evidence of an accompanying theory qualification may be required. Please contact QTAC Information Services for further details).
    Language qualifications - translating and interpreting or language proficiency; Membership of Professional Associations for which qualifying examinations were undertaken

  • Employment - a statement of service that is dated, on official company letterhead and outlines the position you held, duties performed, type of employment (full-time, part-time or casual). Please refer to Employment experience for more information
  • Educational Access Scheme - for most categories, you must complete the Educational Access Scheme cover sheets and attach supporting statements

  • Personal Competencies Assessment - submit your statement addressing the six PCA categories together with supporting documents and referee statements.

This information last updated 19 August 2014



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