Current Australian standard Year 12 - How to Apply

What is an Australian standard Year 12 program?

You are a Year 12 student studying a standard Year program if you:

  • are completing or repeating a standard Year 12 program in 2014 in Australia including Queensland Senior or the interstate equivalent and the International Baccalaureate.

This category does not include:

How do I apply?

You can lodge one application only in any one admissions period. 2014 standard Year 12s apply through the Twelve-To-Tertiary (TTT) application from 5 August 2014. 

You will need to do the following when applying;

  1. Know your student number -
    Queensland - Learner Unique Identifier (LUI);
    ACT - Student Number;
    NSW - Board of Studies Student Number;
    VIC - Board of Studies Number:
    TAS - Student ID Number;
    WA - Curriculum Council;
    SA and NT - SACE Registration Number;
    International Baccalaureate - IB number
  2. Confirm your personal details and contact information
    Ensure you use a valid email address that is valid through to 2015
  3. Confirm your qualifications
    As a standard Australian Year 12, QTAC is able to obtain your secondary results. If you are a Queensland Year 12, you will see any additional qualifications that will be on your senior statement. You should check this information for accuracy.
  4. Add qualifications if applicable.
    You may have additional qualifications which could include;
    - secondary study
    - bridging study or preparatory courses
    - tertiary study
    - certificate study AQF Certificate III and IV only (Certificate I and II are not assessed)
    - professional qualifications (eg dance, music or drama)
  5. Indicate if you are applying for Educational Access Scheme (EAS)
  6. Supply information required by the Australian Government. QTAC collects information such as languages spoken at home and education completed by your parents/guardians. This information is not used in determining your QTAC selection rank
  7. Enter your course preferences
  8. Make payment for your application.




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